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How to Clear Negative Energy Away

Negative energy is generated through our inner workings (beliefs, thoughts, feelings), and our forms of expression and interaction in the world.

We can create our own negative, or “low vibration”, energy through thoughts and feelings that limit us, and other people can also do the same for themselves.

What occurs then is that our negative energy emanates outward affecting not only ourselves but all those we come into contact with. Other people's negative energy emanates outward from them in the same way, affecting anyone they came into contact with, including us if we happen to cross their path!

We are living in a highly interactive, relationship-based world where we are all constantly exchanging energy.

Just as we affect each other with our energy, we also affect the spaces we live and work in, as we move within, around and through these physical spaces, leaving an imprint of our energy there.

We affect our family, partners, children, friends, our workmates, our pets, and strangers on the street.

The more intense an interaction, positively or negatively, the more energy exchanged. The longer the duration of an interaction, the more energy is exchanged and the more energy residue is formed and it builds up in our personal energy space (or physical spaces).

In the short and simple guided energy clearing audio provided below, I will step you through how to clear your own energy space – cleaning away negative energy and resetting yourself to high vibration energy.

The reason I have taken the time to share this process with you is because I do this for myself every single morning and every single night, without fail, and have done so for many years now, and that process has made a tremendous difference to how I feel – it helps me to remain anchored, peaceful, calm and assured, and that energy flows into what I do and what I create in my life.

Once you learn the process, it really only takes 3-4 minutes to do the visualisation/meditation yourself, and that is a small time commitment for the flow on benefits!

The audio requires you to be in a quiet space, with your eyes closed. Allow 10 minutes to go through the process. However, before you begin, I highly recommend reading the information below as a quick foundation of understanding.

Easy Ways to Understand How Energy Affects You

There are two easy ways to explain energy and the effect negative energy can have on you, that you will hopefully resonate with:

  1. You can enter a room, and there may be people in that room not speaking, or no one in that room at all, but if asked… you will likely be able to explain the energy of the room. You can FEEL something in that space. For example, many people know the expression “you could cut the tension with a knife” – this means there is a clear, noticeable energy in a room because of what has taken place there. People were thinking, feeling and acting in ways that were low vibration. Their energy emanated outward, interacting with each other in ways far beyond merely physical or verbal exchange, such that other people newly entering that space could actually pick up on it. Think about this… if there were two people in a room having an all-out heated argument, and then I asked them to stop fighting and invited you to enter the room, without even looking at their faces, if you sat still for a few minutes and tuned into how you felt, I bet you would pick up on it.
  2. Sometimes we are around certain people or spaces and we come away feeling bad. We can't make sense of the odd feeling – perhaps we feel slightly tense, sad, upset, depressed, uncertain, but we weren't feeling that way prior. We may have absolutely no reason to feel that way and there are no obvious thoughts that we were having that might be underlying those feelings. But, it is very common to pick up on other people's energy (how they are feeling/being and what is energetically going on for them) without realising it. So you may be noticing feelings you're having that you don't like, and it's quite possible they actually don't even belong to you! This is most often the case with highly sensitive people.

Get Your Negative Energy Away from Me!

There is nothing to be upset about if you notice other people's negative energy is affecting you. You are just creating more negative energy through your upset by getting concerned, angry or frustrated about it. There is actually NOTHING wrong at all with there being negative energy in our world, or energy exchanges taking place. It just is. This is ALL part of how our Universe operates. We are categorically energy creatures, in an energy world, operating and interacting in energetic ways – contributing to this world as we do so, and learning for our own evolution as we do so.

The trick is to firstly INFORM yourself about this energy world, and to then work on how to MANAGE your own energy space through learning, practising and making conscious choices about how you think, feel and behave, who you choose to spend your time with, and how you interact with them when you do, plus where you choose to spend your time.

And, even more importantly… you do not need to try and escape negative people, things, situations or environments in order to live a peaceful, happy and successful life. Yes, by all means make healthy choices and get out of the firing line if you don't like being around certain people or places, but the MOST POWER YOU HOLD is actually to learn how to manage and protect your own energy irrespective of what is going on around you so that when you do inevitably come across negative (low vibration) energy people, things, situations or environments, you can simply choose not to take on board that energy and you can consciously hold your own positive energy space.

Make a Difference

Have a little compassion for low vibration people and spaces. We are ALL experiencing negative energy at some point or another, even if for fleeting moments. It serves us all best to leave judgement at the door and to focus on lifting ourselves up. When you do this, you will naturally emanate high vibration energy more regularly and consistently… and you guessed it… everyone you come into contact with will benefit from that as a result. In this way you make a massive contribution to our energy-based world, to humanity. You are a part of the whole. You can affect the whole in your own unique way, in your little corner of the world, in your network, in your profession, in your family… if you manage your energy consciously.

One of the best things to learn early on when first discovering your energy nature (as a soul/spiritual being having a physical human being experience) is to learn the basics of how to clear your own energy space. Your physical, mental and emotional self is an energy space. Your soul-self is part of that energy space. Your total energy space (or energy field) extends well beyond your physical body. Just like you might keep your house clean, or your car clean, or you might get your work affairs in order, you need to keep your energy space clean and clear on a regular basis if you want to be best placed to have that light feeling – inner peace, sense of freedom, happiness and… to have the optimal positive (high vibration) energy to channel into all the work you are doing for your goals/dreams/aspirations, both personally and professionally. This is all about choosing to put yourself in your best state so that you are not weighed down by the accidental collection of negative energy residue from every Joe Bloggs you've encountered!

Getting Started

You can utilise this guided energy clearing audio above on a daily or weekly basis, as a key ritual, for maximum impact. The intention of this audio is for you to learn this simple process, through repeatedly using it over a 30 day period, to the point where you no longer need any support or any audio prompt in order to do your own energy clearing. That way, you can simply close your eyes, breathe deeply and do the energy clearings for yourself  any time and any where, throughout your life whenever you need to – be it as a regular proactive ritual, or in times of challenge when you feel dragged down by negative energy.

Recommended use: Listen to the audio every day for 30 days to thoroughly embed the process into your mind. Please use a headset for listening, for best results.

You will notice that this guided audio process includes 2 short declaration statements, that you say to yourself silently during the meditation. The first declaration is to commence the energy clearing process, and the second declaration is to close the energy clearing process by acknowledging the shift that has taken place. Here are the declarations in written form from the audio above, for easy reference:

OPENING – “I lovingly declare that all negative energy now be removed from my energy space, it is vacuumed away by the pillar of light and dissolved.”

CLOSING – “I accept the energy clearing that has taken place and I am truly grateful. Thank you.”

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