'Going Out on a Limb' Book

By Bernadette Logue

Going Out On A Limb

Go beyond your limits & discover WHO YOU REALLY ARE…

Going Out On A Limb – as featured on Amazon Kindle best seller lists, and the sequel to Pinch Me


“Do not be what you are not. Don’t dress yourself as someone who must pretend to be faultless and perfect. Don’t be someone who says, ‘Hey I did this and it was wonderful and it worked perfectly and I left my old life behind and look how wondrous it is. Come on, fly like I am!’ No, there is no power in that. If that is what you want to be, then join the queue of all the people who tell their fellow man and woman all about the ways to be and the glory that then results without any truth for the journey that takes you there. It is the journey that people must hear. It is the journey wherein lies the gold.”

– Excerpt, Going Out On A Limb

going out on a limb book

A glimpse into Going Out On A Limb

My 18 month Pinch Me adventure was a magical journey of awakening. Facing fear, stepping outside my comfort zone, creating changes in my life that inspired me and made my heart sing. All thanks to signals and a willingness to step up and take on the life I knew was possible. Discovering that the Universe was sending me very real and unique signals to guide me in my life, I was overjoyed. Following those signals turned out to be nothing short of transformational.


At the end of that adventure, the life I had known before was gone. I had ushered in a new era; achieving all of the things I set out to. Sitting amidst a beautiful lifestyle in a dream location, doing something I truly loved, I thought I had “arrived”.


While it was magical, there was something bubbling below the surface, calling me to continue on my journey. Signals were intervening in the neatly arranged life I had created. All of a sudden my attempts to forge ahead and make things happen started to fall flat, causing chaos, leaving me feeling confused and eager to understand what was going on.


I learnt the hard way. Trying to control the exact path you take is like trying to herd cats. Magic happens when we let go and flow with our life. And, the blocks in our life that keep us stuck are the access points to all our gifts within. The emotional stuff we’d rather not address is the very first place to look.

To have the life you want, sometimes you are asked to let go of the life you know.

When you are called upon by life to let go of all you have ever known, from your career and position, to your familiar surroundings and home, and anything else you could possibly be gripping onto, in order to create the life you know is possible, then you genuinely know what it means to go out on a limb.


Facing fear and diving into dark places in order to emerge stronger and clearer, this time was all about unleashing from the inside out. From New Zealand to Maui, Hawaii, life twisted and turned across the globe. As with my first book Pinch Methis sequel Going Out On A Limb is an honest tale delivered to you direct from my heart, written with love. I wrote it after discovering:

  • The hidden power in great challenges
  • Not just that we all get signals, but why we get them
  • Intriguing insights into soul self and unique soul intention
  • The characteristics of allowing your life and blocking your life
  • The 6 Cs of every soul’s intention


This is no ordinary book about transforming your life. I’m about to tell you the entire, no-holds-barred truth. Some books might leave you wondering what you’re supposed to do when things don’t go according to plan. Not so with Going Out On A Limb.


In Going Out On A LimbI let plans go and let life in. I share the journey, my deepest fears and darkest hour, and the hilarious things that happened along the way. But, despite all the challenges laid out, this is a triumphant story. A story about discovering your soul self. A story about how to go beyond your limits and become the person you are destined to be.


I am committed to you discovering the truth about WHO YOU REALLY ARE and how to see the hidden value in the challenges we all face in life. I am committed to supporting your unfolding and helping you to unleash your life. It is from that commitment and passion that I bring you this book.

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What Readers Are Saying

To have the life you want, sometimes you are asked to let go of the life you know.

Wonderful… I am recommending your book to all my like-minded friends. What is special about your book is the honesty – usually people just present all the positive aspects, so much so, that is not of much help for someone like me. Your book on the other hand is practical as I see you facing problems, yet not giving up, and eventually not just picking yourself up, but helping others like me immeasurably.

It feels like your book is a letter to my soul! What a gift awaits your readers!

Going Out on a Limb rocks – thank you x