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How to Get Motivated to Do What’s Good for You!

You logically know what's good for you. That's no mystery. But what might be unclear is how to get motivated to DO what's good for you!

Most of us know, and even tell ourselves, what's good for us and what's going to help us achieve our goals and live our best life. But then find ourselves doing the opposite.

We so crazy!!

What's up with that?

Why would we seemingly avoid happiness and success, and sabotage ourselves to stay stuck?

Why would we resist the very thing that is so obviously going to be the right action we need to take?

Avoiding What's Good for You? Struggling to Get Motivated?

Let's start by identifying if you are in fact avoiding what's good for you.

A quick test to know for SURE that you're in resistance and not acting on your own intelligence, is that you find yourself saying “should” and “shouldn't”. For example…

  • I should eat that but…
  • I shouldn't eat this but…
  • I should do that but…
  • I shouldn't do this but…
  • I should be XYZ but…
  • I shouldn't be so XYZ but…
  • I should make this happen but…
  • I shouldn't be wasting my time on this but…

If we know what's good for us, and therefore what will lead us to achieve our goals in health, fitness, nutrition, weight, career, business, finances, relationships, lifestyle… WHY DON'T WE JUST DO IT?

A Key Reason You Don't Do What's Good for You

I'm about to share one BIG reason why so many people don't do what's good for them and instead do the exact opposite… which is NOT good for them.

Once you understand this, you'll possess a “lever” that you can “pull” within yourself to get motivated for anything important you want to achieve, any time.

How to Get Motivated to Do What's Good for You

5 Keys to Motivate Yourself to Do What's Good for You

  1. Knowing you're worth it! You deserve whatever amazing result exists on the other side of your action.
  2. Knowing no one is coming to save you and no one is going to do it for you. You have everything you need inside you right now to get motivated, in action and LOVING your life.
  3. Knowing that avoiding what is good for you only creates long term pain. The greatest gift you can give yourself is to get REAL with yourself.
  4. Knowing that any short term pain involved in doing what's good for you is going to create x100 payback in awesome long term gain.
  5. Knowing life is short and you have to choose to get busy living or get busy dying.

3 Steps to Designing YOUR

Soul-Aligned Life

Discover how to honor your soul calling you into MORE! Clarify your soul’s plan & purpose + get ready to break free from those things preventing you from creating a life deeply aligned with who you really are & what you’re here to live!

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10 Responses

  1. I love this !
    In the past I was a massive long term pain gainer and instant gratification maker and believed it was because I was a ‘free spirit’ etcetc.
    Iv woken up now! Ha.

    Basically I have a question… what about mid term pain?

    I am better these days with short term pain.. but my mid term pain involves a year.. and I’ve already been in the pain for 18months. I know it will be good for me to see this through, but I’m finding I’m nearly falling off the wagon lately and have to ‘rein myself in’.. and reaching the edges of my limits..(Being a nomad in the past, Im basically trying to stick out a town I find boring & uninspiring for financial & educational reasons. I never grew up in one place, so this is MASSIVE for me).

    Sometimes I feel like I’m wasting my life away by investing my time /energy into a whole year !!

    I’m trying to be more conscious… would you recommend putting affirmations around /but the truth e.g ‘this is big time long term pain !’

    And or audios?

    I feel my commitment weakening…

    Please help B X ! Aaaaaaa

    1. Well the key rests in what you said “I know it will be good for me to see this through” – so the direction you are moving in is not the problem. The issue is when you feel discomfort along that path, what you say to yourself. And the answer is in your message “I find it boring and uninspiring. I sometimes feel I’m wasting my life away….” Instead you can choose to see it differently. See the location differently, CHOOSE to say different things to yourself. You literally have to get SO strong and empowered with your viewpoint, that you nail it every day with a powerful and positive take on the situation. Because you’re choosing to this and stay there for a reason, and it’s good for you as you said, so you will either do it feeling awful and tormenting yourself, or you will do it with the best possible viewpoint you can. That is all about daily mastering of your mind and SEEING the place differently. It may feel boring and uninspiring, but where can you find gratitude, delight, inspiration (in yourself, in your activities, in what you focus on, what you absorb… there is power in any place based on what you’re choosing to feed yourself and engage in… even in places we’d rather not be. I hear you… totally! Just that you can now take back more power and reframe it all. Remember “master your mind” xx

  2. Well B you nailed it!
    I gotta get busy with obtaining long term happiness.
    Thank you so much!
    Hugs and love

  3. Hi B! Sometimes one is not sure of the outcome and and it’s not about the pain. Rather there is this uncertainty and the fear of it being wrong. How to take that leap of faith? What if it is the wrong decision. How yo live with that ?

  4. Thanks B, ? your inspiring work, it helps keep me living a positive, abundant, joyful, beautiful life ??

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