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Finding Your Purpose

Finding your purpose is such a hefty mission!

I've always thought the very statement “finding your purpose” is loaded. It makes you feel like somehow your purpose is mysterious and “out there” in the world, secretly hiding from you.

There's this unspoken sense that if we don't have a clearly defined purpose in life that somehow we're “not quite there yet”. Like we're drifting on a breeze, as the months and years tick by, and we better hurry the heck up and figure it out.

I used to struggle a lot with not feeling a sense of purpose in my life.

I had a great career, family and social life, but none of that felt like my purpose.

I felt a strange void within, a sense that I had not yet discovered something important about my life.

Perhaps like you, I keep pondering the age-old question… what am I here for?

And even if you're not pondering that question, and you've never had an existential crisis about what your purpose is, maybe you'd just like to have a clearer purpose in order to have more joy and meaning in your life day to day.

For whatever reason you're interested in finding your purpose, I want to share with you 3 “purpose possibilities”. These are things you could choose to claim as your own purpose right now if you wish.

And how do I know these would bring you a sense of purpose?

Because these 3 things are applicable to every human being, excluding NO ONE. They are at the very core of our being.

I discovered this after physically leaving everything in my life behind (career, home, family/friends, and everything I owned), and going on an “expedition” within myself and around the world for several years.

At the core of that expedition was the intent to create a more purposeful and meaningful life for myself. During that time I came to realise these 3 “purpose possibilities”.

And I hope by sharing them with you now, it will help you to shortcut the process I went through! Perhaps you can jump a little further ahead from uncertainty, angst or confusion, into greater clarity and sense of purpose.

What is a Purpose Possibility

I made up this term “purpose possibility”.

A purpose possibility is…

  • Purpose – something that is purposeful for every human being, including you
  • Possibility – something that is available to you right now, but only if you claim it for yourself

In this video and article below, I share the 3 purpose possibilities I discovered. Join me in this conversation and see what resonates with you. Notice what you FEEL as you listen. And leave me a comment below if you have questions or anything you want to share. I'd love to hear from you…

Finding Your Purpose – Purpose Possibility #1

There are two things that every single human being will experience and achieve during their lifetime.

It is impossible to be alive and escape these two things.

I've reflected on this and wondered, “If this is true, then perhaps, just maybe, that points to some type of human purpose.”

Here we all are. Running around this planet. Seeking to live our best lives. And no matter what country we're from, irrespective of gender, culture, ethnicity, faith-base or any other defining feature, we all achieve these 2 things during our lifetime…

  1. Learning/growth
  2. Contribution

Through the days of your life, even if you didn't try to, you would learn and grow. It's impossible not to.

You are learning and growing from the day you're born. You learn and grow when you're formally attempting to do so with education and upskilling. You're learning and growing when you're not trying to, as you face day-to-day life challenges and see what works and doesn't work for you.

By the end of your life, you will have achieved one massive thing. You would have learned and grown as a human being. Spiritually, mentally and emotionally.

And, through every day of your life you are contributing. It's impossible not to do this.

You don't have to try to contribute. You just do, by being you. Your personality, your very existence, is a contribution to the world.

Your contribution might be in a formal and/or intentional way. For example, where you purposefully seek to contribute, being of service to those you care about and to the areas of life where you interact (e.g socially, career, business, community). Or it might be informally and without intending to. For example, as you interact with others you know and don't know, making a mark each day just by being yourself.

Consider – what if learning/growing and contributing were part of my life purpose?

Finding Your Purpose – Purpose Possibility #2

There are 3 things that every person experiences, that play out uniquely for each individual.

These 3 things have always fascinated me.

So on my expedition within myself and around the world, I enquired… “What if these 3 things are part of our purpose?”

As I would discover for myself, when you tune into these 3 things, and you not only notice them but you ACT on them, your life begins to change in a positive way.

And even more interestingly, you begin to have a greater positive impact on others and the world around you. Your energy shifts, and your life begins to flow differently.

It's not that you flow with such ease that there are no challenges in your life. But you begin to flow with greater PURPOSE!

You feel more purposeful and aligned to your soul when you listen to and act on these 3 things…

  1. Passion
  2. Inspiration
  3. Intuition

This is how your soul speaks to you. I call this your “Soul Language”.

These 3 things are not your own conscious creations.

  • You don't choose what you are passionate about. You just are passionate about certain things. It's like those things CHOSE YOU.
  • You get inspirations come into your mind from time to time. Like bolts of lightening, you have ideas. Inspired thoughts and you wonder, “Where did that come from?!” It's like the inspiration was given to you.
  • You sense intuition in your gut, nudging you in certain directions. Sometimes your intuition points you in directions that contradict your logical mind, and you might try to ignore the intuition. Yet that feeling never goes away. You have this sixth sense that is beyond what your logic can explain. It goes beyond what the physical world and facts show you. It's like a guidance system that comes from a wise, deep place within you.

Your soul speaks to you and through you with these 3 things… passion, inspiration and intuition.

If you were to live in alignment with your passions, inspirations and intuition, acting on them, you would have a life that feels purposeful.

The problem is that most people ignore one or more of these things.

Imagine if we all knew and completely trusted that our soul was speaking to us to guide us into our success. And the way it did so was via passion, inspiration and intuition. And all we had to do was listen and act, and we would be achieving our life purpose.

Consider – what if acting on my passions, inspiration and intuition were part of my life purpose?

And I've always found it fascinating that if we listen to and trust our passion, inspiration and intuition, then these inner feelings end up driving our actions. Those actions then become our OUTER PURPOSE in the world. E.g. what we do in our career, how we behave in relationships, how we interact in our communities, what we create and how we contribute personally and professionally.

If you are particularly looking to find your purpose in relation to career/professional success, please pay close attention to your passions, inspirations and intuition…

  • What are you being given/told, that you are not listening to?
  • Or maybe you are listening, but you are too afraid to act on it?

Finding Your Purpose – Purpose Possibility #3

And finally, the last purpose possibility for you…

How about throwing away this notion that you have only ONE purpose in life, and you have to “find” it.

What about the fact you could, right now, just CHOOSE your own purpose. You could make one up that felt great to you.

You could then align with it in how you are being and what you are doing.

And, you could live that purpose for as long as it felt good to you.

At any point where that chosen purpose no longer felt good, you could change it. Because it's your life!

Shatter this whole notion of having to find one predestined purpose.

Liberate yourself. Allow yourself to play with life.

Have a purpose for this month or this year.

Re-evaluate and change it when you feel the desire to.

Notice what you feel is important and meaningful to you right now, and craft your purpose around it.

Maybe it's as simple as being a good person and being self-aware. Maybe it's helping others or being active in your community. Maybe it's raising a family. Perhaps it's achieving your top potential in whatever work you choose to do.

The point is – YOU CAN CHOOSE.

And here is what is SO interesting…

  • If you chose a purpose that involved learning and growing
  • And you were contributing to your own life's advancement while doing so, and helping others directly or indirectly in some way
  • Then you're basically consciously achieving Purpose Possibility #1 (learning, growth and contribution).

And, further, if you chose a purpose that:

  • Made you feel good (ie you were passionate about what you were doing)
  • And your intuition guided you that way, as it felt like a good direction
  • Then you're basically consciously achieving Purpose Possibility #2.

So… you really do get to decide what your life purpose is! It's not a secret. It's not hiding from you. Just tune into these fundamentals above, and you really can't go wrong.


If you're struggling with finding your purpose just remember that at the end of your life looking back, you'll be asking yourself a few key questions.

Those questions are highly likely to include:

  • Did I learn and grow?
  • Did I make some type of contribution?
  • Did I do what I loved (passion)?
  • Did I harness the ideas and possibilities I had (inspiration)?
  • Did I listen to my gut and was I true to what I knew (intuition)?
  • Did I rock this life to beat of my own drum (did I CHOOSE my own path)?

There Are Many Beautiful Paths that Lead to the Same Destination

There are many paths that lead to the outcome you want, of a purposeful life.

There are many paths that allow you to learn and grow, and to contribute.

There are many things you will be passionate and inspired about, and intuitively guided into.

You can do one. Or you can do many. You can change direction at any time.

For now, at the very least, claim something that is obvious to you at this moment.

It is not about knowing 100%.

Finding your purpose is not about making ONE thing your entire life focus.

It's about picking one thing, something, anything… and integrating it in some small way into your daily life so you FEEL PURPOSE. For now.

And if, at some point in the future, you no longer feel that it's purposeful because the seasons of your life have changed, just change your purpose.

You Are in Charge of What Purpose Means to You

Ultimately – purpose is not just what you do. It's what you feel when you arise in the morning.

And you are in charge of your choices and your feelings.

I wish you a wonderful life, filled with a sense of purpose.

Much love, Bernadette

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6 Responses

      1. Thank you so much. You have given me so much to reflect on. I had a very fulfilling purpose in my life before I retired. I was passionate, enthusiastic and contagious. Since then I have been drifting and have felt our of sync. There have been many seasons of service in my life, but at retirement and the passing of my husband, I felt I had come to the end of the road, with no purpose left. Thank you for reminding me of the ability to choose my purpose and to pursue whatever little spark of passion that might flicker in my heart. Even if it’s for a day or whatever amount of time I feel even the smallest spark of inspiration. Thank you for reminding me that my purpose is also being fulfilled by being kind, and simply by ‘being’. Thank you so much. Daisy

  1. This was something I need to hear. I have been struggling with what is my purpose after the one thing I was working for all through college fell through. I’m starting to see how I was just complicating it way too much trying to live up to a standard in this world. Also that all is not lost because our purpose really isn’t found in just one thing! We choose our path and our purpose! So I really do thank you for this great read! Can’t wait to really just listen to the inner me and follow it wherever it takes me even if I don’t know how I might get there.

    1. Hey Chad, I’m so happy to share this post with you, and to know that it was timely for you and your situation. And yes… so many of us accidentally get caught up in the trap of trying to live up to standards and expectations in society that quite possibly aren’t even what we really want for ourselves, or are right for us. I fell into a similiar trap myself, and once I woke up to it and started living according to my own inner voice, I felt such liberation and peace. And you’re so right… to follow that knowing within you wherever it leads, even if you don’t know how you might get there! Often the exact path forward isn’t immediately clear, so it takes courage to continue to take one step at a time. And you have that courage in you, we all do, we just have to learn to exercise it and it builds our confidence as we go forward. I wish you the absolute best and look forward to sharing more resources here at to support you. Bernadette 🙂

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