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3 Ways to Find Meaning in Life

Why is it that we inherently crave to find meaning in life?

It seems to be for two reasons. Both of which have certainly been true for me, and for many people I’ve met.

Perhaps these reasons will resonate with you as well.

Firstly, we seek meaning because it helps us to make sense of our existence.

It gives purpose to our lives beyond the surface level of our day to day tasks and helps us to understand why we’re here.

This is the bigger picture – the existential enquiry, “What’s life about?”

Secondly, we seek meaning because we want to feel like we matter. We want to know that somehow our being here makes an actual difference.

As a result, we strive to find meaning in what we do.  This is how as individuals we work out our sense of place in the world – “How do I contribute?”

Boiling that down, most of us look for meaning in life by being clear and confident about:

  • Why I’m here
  • How I contribute

People who have answered their own “why” and “how” tend to enjoy a beautiful sense of meaning and depth in their lives, supporting greater peace and happiness.

Here are three simple ways you can immediately start generating your own sense of purpose and contribution in daily life, to add genuine meaning and depth to your life journey.

Find Meaning in Life – 3 Ways to Add Depth to Your Daily Experience

1. See Each Situation as an Assignment for Your Growth

You can view life as random, or you can view it as an unfolding journey designed to trigger your growth.

Consider that life will always serve you up whatever experience will best support your personal evolution.

From that perspective, you then face each situation in your daily life and see it as an assignment in the classroom of life. You ask yourself, “What am I to learn from this situation?”

This is a powerful way to bring meaning to your every-day experiences, and to create immense personal growth and wisdom by actively looking for the lessons life is teaching you.

2. Treat Each Person as a Messenger & a Story Waiting to Be Read

One of the greatest vehicles in life for learning, connection, depth and meaning, is our relationships with other people.

People come into our lives for a season, reason or a lifetime. They may come to teach us, to trigger us or to walk alongside us.

When you begin to view every person you meet from this deeper place, as if crossing paths with them has purpose, then life begins to look much more meaningful.

You see that when you’re with someone, whether well known to you or a stranger, they warrant your presence, listening and consideration.

You begin to realize there’s gold held within every person you meet. They have their own life story, their own things to share with you. They have the potential to impact you, and vice versa. They might be an important verse or chapter in your life story.

Even one word said in passing, or a glance your way at the “right moment”, has the power to impact your life (and vice versa!)

3. Choose a Mini-Mission Each Day

There are many different ways to make a contribution. It can be something formal you do – a career, a vocation or a structured project where you deliver a tangible outcome. Or it can be an informal series of small and unrelated acts, where you bring positivity into the lives of others.

Many of us strive to find a way of serving the world, to do something we’re passionate about that will make a difference. We want to do things that matter!

And while some people do find themselves smack bang in the middle of what appears to be their life’s calling, there are many others who don’t. And that doesn’t mean that life has to be devoid of contribution or a clear sense of place and value in the world.

Each day you can choose to make up your own “mini mission” as a way to contribute positively. That mission can be as simple as fully acknowledging each person you see or meet by making eye contact. It might be that you look for an opportunity to help someone, such an opening a door for them, or offering a kind word of support. You might choose to authentically compliment as many people as possible.

By bringing small acts of kindness, love and positivity into the daily life of other people, your reward is a sense of meaning and depth because you’ve added light into the day of another human being, and brought value to the world as a result.

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