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When You Feel Like Giving Up, Surrender Instead

Sometimes you feel like giving up.

I hear you.

We all have times in our lives when we've hit a wall, and can't see a way forward.

Maybe it's about giving up on yourself, or another person. Perhaps it's giving up on an issue you're trying to resolve, or a goal you're trying to achieve. Or maybe it's life in general.

It’s natural to feel like giving up if you’re frustrated and confused. But sometimes the great things in life do push us to our limits!

Whatever space you're in right now mentally and emotionally, I invite you to consider an alternative option to giving up…

Questions to Ask Yourself if You Feel Like Giving Up

I want to help you make a wise and empowering decision about whether walking away is really the best thing for you, or if you simply need a different approach in order to achieve your outcome.

So start by asking yourself these questions:

  • Do I really want to give up on this?
  • Am I truly uninterested in a positive outcome with this situation?
  • Or am I tired of struggling, and I've run out of energy for it?
  • Is it because I have no answers, so I feel stuck and and don't know what to do next?
  • Am I considering giving up because it seems like my only option?
  • If I had an answer as to HOW to move forward, would I be willing to continue?

Instead of Giving Up, Consider Surrender

If you have no answers, and don't know what to do, join me in this video below where we consider SURRENDER as a powerful option…

How Can Surrender Help Me?

Surrender is a great option when you:

  • Feel exhausted with struggling to figure something out.
  • Feel frustrated because you have no answers and don't know how to move forward.
  • Really want a positive outcome but realize you can't do it all on your own.
  • Realize that your mindset and energy are not working for you, but against you. That “struggle mode” has you tied up in knots (like a kitten with its claws out caught in a ball of wool!)

What is Surrender?

Surrender is giving over to life, NOT giving up.

It is when…

  • You admit that you've gone as far as you can go with what you know, and you need guidance.
  • You stop resisting the situation.
  • You release your stress, upset, fear, frustration or anger about the fact you're in this position.
  • You acknowledge there must be a way forward, even if you can't see it.
  • You offer it up to life/the Universe/a Higher Power and ask to be shown how to move forward (give it up, versus give up on it!)
  • You have patience – knowing you might not get clarity or progress right now, or in the timeframe you want. But that in the right way, at the right time, there will be an unfolding that gives you clarity.
  • You trust that there is a greater force at play in the Universe and that not everything in your life comes about by your own two hands alone. Solutions can be brought into your awareness if you let go a little, and…
  • You have faith that this is resolvable for you – reminding yourself you are supported and guided, even if it doesn't show up in the way you want!

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22 Responses

  1. Greetings!
    I am experiencing technical difficulties with the guided meditation audio for the surrender yout troubles to the Universe. I have smitted my name and email approx. 3 times at least but have not received a password email. I have checked my spam folder and nothing is there. Thank you for your attention,
    Please advise & Thank you, kindly Adela. I am loving your
    Pinch Me Living content..It is as if the Universe provided this for me at the exact time in my life when I need it most! Have a wonderful day!

    1. Hey Adela! Thank you for your message. We’re sorry to hear you’ve had an issue with this. We’ve just resolved it, by entering your name/email here on your behalf, and it has immediately sent you the email with access details, so you should see that in your inbox now. We’ve looked into why this happened, and the system is working so it is highly likely that your internet browser has a “blocker” on it of some type e.g a “pop up blocker”. Sometimes these run without it being obvious, and will stop certain pop-ups from operating correctly. If you have any problem on our website in future with trying to enter your name/email, here are a few suggestions… a) check in the URL bar at the top, or in your browser settings, to see any notification “pop up blocked” and it should allow you to turn it off or b) try using a different browser (e.g if you’re on Firefox, try Chrome, or vice versa). You are welcome to email us any time at all that you have an issue and we’ll get right onto helping you resolve it. Also – so glad you found us online, and that you love the content. Great the Universe has connected us! Sending you warmest wishes, Bernadette

  2. Thanks Bernadette, Sarah here in Birkenhead, we met with Lorraine when you were passing a few years back and what you had to share with me over that coffee at Bungalow and a few emails afterwards was profoundly significant for where I was in my journey back then and I have carried some of your teachings with me and shared them with others since. I have put my attentions elsewhere on my personal growth journey over the past few years but one of your video clips caught my eye and I see the value on reconnecting with your offerings. It did pop into my mind that it may be the time for me to look at some one on one coaching to help me move forward more rapidly in my goals and so I wonder if we could have a chat about where I am at and what could be acheived if you work together with me.

    1. Hi Sarah, yes I remember our catch up all those years ago! I will email you directly today regarding coaching. Chat soon. B

  3. I’m becoming a confused human being. I hear what you are saying but I’m wondering if I should surrender more or if I am being abused emotionally and controlled. How can you determine the difference? My intuition is telling me that everything can’t be my fault…my feelings, desires and needs should matter some of the time. If resolution is never reached is it time to move on?

    1. Hi Linda, yes when it comes to being abused it is not a time to surrender and stay, it’s a time to surrender and put yourself first. When we talk about surrender, it isn’t to suggest you stay in the firing line of something toxic, nor to remain in a difficult situation if it is healthier to move on. Only your intuition will know if this is a temporary rough patch in a relationship where you are both needing to grow and heal together, or if this is a situation where it’s time to exit. If you’ve tried to resolve the issue and nothing changes and the other person is not willing or able to shift their behavior, then yes it might absolutely be time to move on. Often to hear your intuition and to know what is true about your situation and how you feel, it requires you to a) be still and quiet with yourself (I suggest daily meditation) and b) be really honest with yourself about what you deserve, what you are willing to accept in your life, what the possibilities are for your future if you stay or if you leave, what keeps you there, and what would keep you from moving on. These types of questions and self-discovery will help you to see any fear, limiting beliefs or other blocks keeping you stuck or stopping you from seeing the truth about the situation. If you need further help, please reach out to me via email or via my coaching page, if you want a private coaching session to help you work through it. With love and best wishes, Bernadette

  4. I love your insights about surrendering when you feel like giving up. We all go through these feelings of frustration when trying to achieve something in life. Giving up is too easy. Reading this has given me a new perspective on a better way to handle these frustrations. As I was reading, I felt like it was a more peaceful way to deal with any type of frustration.
    This is a great reminder that I need to pay more attention to the Universe and move forward in a more calm and peaceful way.
    Thank you again!

  5. What a lovely message! I think it takes A LOT for most people to surrender. Pain is a great motivator. I think we learn to trust with practice! When I started surrendering at first I didn’t know what would happen but after awhile, I could see the gifts that came when I let go of the outcome. This is SUCH a great read Bernadette!

  6. I was looking for an opportunity to leave a review and I’m not sure this is the best spot BUT the opportune time that this arrived in my email truly can’t be circumstance…I truly needed to hear this.
    My problem, I think, is that I feel a loyalty to my late father, as well as some similar traits, that keep me from moving forward…maybe I just realized it tonight…

    1. Hey Gerry, thanks for sharing. So glad this resource was timely for you. If there is anything else you need help with, specific topics relating to what you’re going through, please feel free to reply and let me know and if we have other targeted articles or videos that may help I can certainly direct you towards those. With best wishes, Bernadette

  7. I wanted to let you know that I really appreciated this message. I consider myself to be very self aware and am willing to shift gears, grow and change in response to life happenstance. However, I am a habitual fighter. My childhood was fairly traumatic and I learned some very fierce survival skills before I was 5. This was a welcome reminder that often my willingness to surrender in trust is more powerful than my will. Thank you.

    1. Hey Heather, thank you for sharing this and I’m so glad this was a helpful reminder to support you. Love, B

  8. Thank you. Just what I needed today. Wrote in my journal today about my frustration with not being able to figure out my next direction. I keep shifting my ideas and this has been going on for a long time and it makes me feel badly because it makes me feel like not having clarity is a personality flaw. I “know” a lot of what you wrote here, but I need to be reminded – a lot! I am trying to remember that this will eventually become clearer and having negative thoughts about it is not the way forward. I’ve also considered that maybe it’s time for help. I’m stuck in my own perspectives of the situation. Anyway – thanks for the reminders! I’m pinning this one. 🙂

    1. Hey Leslie, I hear you! And yes, trust your intuition on getting external help, as often objective insights will open up new ways forward that you can’t see for yourself. Love and best wishes,

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