Fear of Success – How to Clear this Sneaky Subconscious Block

Fear of success can steal your dreams from you. Here's why…

Many people try so hard to create results in their lives. Going for months, years or even decades struggling to make things happen, without ever realizing that fear of success is lurking deep down and causing them to sabotage themselves.

I know what that's like. I had the same problem.

When I found my own subconscious fears about success and was able to clear them, it made a huge difference. Instead of feeling like I was pushing against something, I started flowing.

In my view, it's SO important that you actively look for subconscious fear of success so you can clear it and create the outcomes you want.

While some might think it's negative to “go looking” inside yourself for blocks, I wholeheartedly believe it's a smartest thing to do! Evolving into the best version of yourself and succeeding in your life will happen more rapidly if you do it on purpose, rather than waiting for it to happen to you.

My intuition tells me loud and clear… if you really want something and it's not happening, then something is standing in the way. If you find that block and get rid of it, you create HEALING and GROWTH. From healing and growth comes PERSONAL POWER and RESULTS. It's an absolute no brainer.

Common Reasons for Fear of Success & What to Do

Action, Key Points & Tips

  1. What does your version of success look like?
  2. Now imagine living with that success as vividly as you can. What it would really be like to experience that life right now?
  3. Can you see any price you might pay for having that success, for living that life?
  4. Do you seen any downside, or challenge that might arise as a consequence of getting that level of success?
    • “If I get that success, I won't be able to cope with the pressure, it will be stressful.”
    • “It will be too much responsibility and I won't be capable enough to deal with that effectively.”
    • “There will be more expectations put on me if I get what I want, and I don't want people expecting/demanding more of me.”
    • “I'm worried I'll be seen by more people and I'll be open to more judgment, criticism. I don't want to feel exposed/vulnerable.”
    • “What if I get my success and then I fail. It will be too painful and I don't want other people to watch me fail.”
  6. Train yourself NOW to be comfortable with your desired level of success. Create a new story to live from. Turn the tables on your mindset – start to train your mind to see yourself and your success differently. For example, repetitively feed your mind the statements of truth that will help you to live your best life (countering any fear you may have).
    • “I am more than capable of rocking it at my new level of success and managing any responsibilities that come with it.”
    • “I have got the competence I need to deal with any pressure.”
    • “I am calm and confident in myself to be seen by others, to be authentic and vulnerable.”

Confidently, consistently, repetitively feed your mind with new perspectives. Unleash yourself from the inside out.

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  1. Thank you so much for the Fear of Success pep talk, B! I really feel this may be going on with me especially as things get more exciting this year. I hope we can continue to nail it in our coaching. You’re awesome!

    1. Glad this was helpful and timely for you. And what a GREAT reason to be facing your fear of success… because success is here, flowing all over you and beating on your door saying LET ME IN! He he. You’re awesome too. Love to you. B

  2. This was what I wanted…. I knew it was there but was not ready to accept and work on the same. Henceforth I will work on the same. You know what as usual Universe is being helpful to me providing what I wanted strongly at the moment through different sources. This time it was you. Thanks a lot ….

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