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Entering the Unknown to Allow Healing with Dr Kim D’Eramo

In this session, Dr Kim D'Eramo and I discuss the power of entering into the unknown, following your intuition, trusting yourself and aligning to what feels right, as a way to allow massive healing.

So often as humans we shy away from the unknown, the unfamiliar, the uncertain… to try to stay safe. And in doing so, we can end up stuck and caught in patterns, situations, and experiences that we know are not serving us, and in some cases are directly limiting our spirit, mind and emotional wellbeing, and our physical health.

It takes courage to slow down, to be still, to listen inside, to pay attention to our inner voice, and to start taking small steps into the unknown… to ALLOW and to align to what feels right, to lean into what we sense might better serve our wellness and fullest life experience and joy!

I hope this session will inspire you on your own journey.

Listen to your inner voice.

As Dr Kim says, “Be still and know”.

When you get still, tune in, and listen to that inner voice… and trust it, incredible things open up for you.

Let me know your comments, questions and your own experiences in the comments section below.

With love,


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