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Empowering Tips for Dealing with Criticism

Most people find it uncomfortable dealing with criticism.

So you're not alone if you struggle with that.

It's not fun dealing with “feedback”!

In this Daily Inspiration video, I've got simple and empowering tips that will help you to understand:

  • The two types of criticism
  • What criticism to deflect
  • What criticism to take onboard
  • How to use criticism to your advantage!

Dealing with Criticism

I hope this was helpful for you. Reach out and let me know – leave a comment below and share your own experiences, ask any questions you might have, and I look forward to being in touch.

With love, Bernadette

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5 Responses

  1. Kia ora Bernadett
    I hhave been following you for a shirt time, and just needed to “Thank you”.
    Maybe it’s because you’re a Kiwi-girl at heart or that you speak directly from your heart, but your “korero” speaks to me. I feel so enlightened and uplifted when I read or watch, your beautiful “korero”. Thank you so so much.
    “Ka rongo i te ia o te aroha, he ngakou mahaki”…… To feel genuine intentions is to understand a charitable heart.

    1. Thank you Moyra. It’s so nice to receive your message and to be connected. It’s a pleasure to share the resources with you! Much love, Bernadette

  2. Thank you so much B for this wonderful advice . As you mentioned that there is a type of constructive criticism that is intented to help but delivered in negative way , How can i learn to not get hurt by the way it is delivered and focus on receiving the learning . Also if i am getting a constructive criticism on some way that i naturally function and that is a part of me that i cant change For ex- suppose my mind work slow focuses on one thing at a time or i work slowly in relation to my body also and it is being labelled as lazy . I get this feeling listening to that criticism that i am not in accordance with this fast paced world . I am MYM student and in this lockdown i have been staying with my parents . After your MYM programme that ended 2 -3 weeks ago , i am trying to incorporate one by one those tools you gave , but due to their some stressors for 1 week , i had to drop all other tools except EFT and deep diaphragmatic breathing . Now after that weak i was totally at peace with no anxiety or stress and i had symptoms of depression from past 3 days , but all thanks to your empowering thoughts that gave me the strength and i am overcoming it quite well and i have identified my blocks and working on them , but their negative constant criticism all through past 3 weeks is making me angry and frustrated . That sentence of you i.e our mind believes what we constantly feed starts rotating in my head whenever they say anything to me ,which i know is not good for me as i m not able to feed my mind more of empowering belief in comparison to there negative feedback . I know i can choose to deflect it but i have a feeling that i am blaming them for all those belief that turn ed up especially about myself during the MYM programme are due to them and they were bad parents and still are doing same to me . I know now i am choosing it to affect me . I will do EFT on this anger and hurt i hold but I at some level believe that they will take me to my old patterns. Also i am very fearful of going back into cycles of anxiety and depression , which i recently experienced . I realized either i am anxious ( i.e. having lots of en energy in me ) or (when i try to calm it down with deep breathing / meditation mostly excessive of these but this time i just used them to cope with stressors for 1 week consistently which made me feel lot relieved after all stressors were gone and i feel immense peace for one day and then went into feeling demotivated, having depressive thoughts and lethargy i.e low energy ).How can i deal with this ?

    1. Hi Anisha
      Check out this article and see if this is helpful to look at the situation from a new perspective, when facing the criticism and expectations of others…
      Also – this one might be somewhat related and helpful, just takes what resonates and applies, and disregard anything that isn’t applicable to your unique situation…

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