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5 Steps for Working with the Universe to Create the Life You Want

Here are 5 steps for how create the life you want by working in partnership with the Universe.

In this video and the article below, you'll discover:

  • How important it is to be really clear on what you want and why. Often people are focusing on the wrong thing. They “think” they know what they want, but it's missing something important!
  • What your job is and what the Universe's job is – and how to stay in your zone, and trust the Universe to work it's magic!
  • What you need to do once you've set your vision, in terms of really making things happen and getting this party started!

Work with the Universe to Create the Life You Want

Step 1

Create things that have real meaning for you.

You must emotionally resonate with what you're creating.

Often people get caught up in thinking they want more time, or more money, or a new job.

But that isn't what you want! Instead, what you REALLY want is what those things will give you.

For example, more time would give you the result of doing what you love, spending more time with friends or family. More money would give you the travel and experiences you would passionately enjoy. The new job would give you fulfillment, self-expression, more awesome relationships and contacts, greater purpose and contribution.

Can you see that the words “time, money and new job” (just as examples) don't really get you zazzed up?! But the result of what they give you (ie the things you REALLY want) totally generate excitement. That's the key!

Focus on creating the end result of what you most want, and what you connect to emotionally. And those things must be meaningful to you. That is what will put you in the vibration to create and attract in partnership with the Universe. That's because the Universe is a vibrational experience. It's ALL about the vibe you're putting out.

Step 2

Create for the passion and joy of it, and do it for that reason alone.

If you're creating for any other reason, chances are you'll sabotage your ability to reach the outcome or you'll slow down the process.

For example, if you're trying to create something in order to prove something (to yourself or others), or to validate yourself (to feel good enough, and to feel successful), or you're trying to “complete” yourself and your life (to fill a void within), those are negative drivers.

Basically, those negative drivers say that where you are right now is NOT enough, and you NEED this new thing you're creating in order to be okay/better. That means that if you didn't get that thing you want to create, then it would be a very bad! That puts a lot of pressure on you, it's an underlying threat that sits in the back of your mind. It becomes a desperate and disadvantageous motivator. It messes with your vibe!!

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Step 3

Focus on what you want, not how you're going to create/get/attract it.

Your job is what. The Universe's job is HOW.

So often we know what we want, but we then get totally stuck as we try to fuss around with working out how to get there. It's natural to get caught in that, until you learn that the Universe is a powerful partner with you, and it wants to SHOW YOU THE WAY.

But it can only show you, once you stop trying to figure it out all on your own. For as long as you're obsessed with analyzing how to do it your way, or do it on your own, your mind is fixated on that. And, with those blinkers on… you'll miss the ways the Universe is trying to guide you.

The Universe knows the big picture. It knows the most expedient and magical ways for you to get to where you want to go, better than you could ever engineer on your way. So in every way you are much better to focus on “the what” and trust that the Universe will show you “the how” as you move forward.

Step 4

Having said that… you MUST take action. But specifically, your job is to take the “next most obvious action”. That is, there is always one step that you know comes next, and you have to take it. That is what creates forward momentum. This is enough to get things moving, and to keep things moving, and it allows the Universe to meet you half way.

So while the Universe works out the bigger HOW, you absolutely will always know ONE thing you could be doing to help things along. And that is what you must do. Look for that one thing, and do it.

Step 5

Then as you step forward with the most obvious next action, your final focus in this 5-step process is to PAY ATTENTION to how the Universe is guiding you. It will send you signs, and show you the way to your end result.

It requires you to be patient and trusting, and to be aware in your daily life. Rather than being lost in your mind all the time, you have to be present. You will then start to notice the subtle ways the Universe shows you the next step. It does it's job of guiding the how, but you gotta be paying attention to notice, and you also gotta be willing to follow that guidance when it shows up.

With love! Bernadette

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Ready for a More Fulfilling

& Magical Life?

Get Your Soul Journey Simplified today: discover practical guidance for understanding & navigating your spiritual path, to live the life your soul came for.

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