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Below is our Code of Conduct for our community, guiding the ethos for our public social media platforms and website, as well as the ethos for our client-only private Members Area

Our mission is to provide inspiring resources to support mind mastery, conscious living and soul alignment.

Our community, here on the website, on our social media and in our Members Area, is a place where all are welcome. We value people of all ethnicities, countries, cultures, creeds and beliefs. Our community is for those aged 18 years or over who are able to take personal responsibility for their own wellbeing as they engage with resources for persona learning and growth.

We are committed to being a safe, supportive and empowering space for everyone to engage with high quality, valuable content, ideas, inspiration and discussion. Therefore, please bear the following points in mind if you are writing comments and participating as a member of our community…


Among our core values are love and compassion, acceptance and understanding. To that end, please be polite and respectful when you are interacting. This includes how you comment and interact with any other readers, commenters, customers, guest contributors, guest teachers, and the team.

Real People

Please remember that all Users of our community are real people and part of the same shared humanity. As such, when reading, responding, commenting and interacting, remember that the hearts and minds of other fellow human beings are receiving whatever you say. Be compassionate and tolerant.

Moderation of Inappropriate Comments

We encourage everyone to have their voice, to share their own ideas, experiences and to engage in discussion. We request that you to do so in a respectful way.

As one of our primary objectives is to operate a safe, supportive and welcoming space for all, inappropriate, negative, rude comments may be removed at our sole discretion and commenters may lose their ability to participate. Comments will be moderated for this purpose, to monitor violations of our Community Code of Conduct.

Moderation of Spam, Promotions and Backlinking

Commenting that is considered to be spam, advertising, promotion or backlinking, and not genuine comments from genuine Users, may be removed from our site, at our sole discretion as part of our moderation process.

Zero Tolerance

We have zero-tolerance for any form of behavior, commenting or interaction of any kind involving intentional hate, prejudice, threat, abuse, attack, bullying, insult, baiting, hostility, trolling or any variation of.

We may remove such commenting and reserve the right to remove users from our community who behave this way in order to maintain a safe environment.

Pre-Moderating Comments Before Publishing

From time to time we may choose to pre-moderate comments. This means comments will be submitted to moderators before being approved and displayed on our Site. Review time may vary depending on volume.

Using Facebook Commenting on Our Website

You may choose to comment on articles on our site using Facebook. When you do so, your comment immediately displays on the article on our site inside the Facebook comments.

You can choose to have your comment also display inside Facebook on your Facebook wall if you leave the box checked “Also post on Facebook.” If you do not want your comment to display inside Facebook, please ensure you uncheck that box.

Before commenting on our site, please be sure to understand Facebook’s Privacy Policy –

Deleting Your Comments on Our Website

You are welcome to comment on the articles on our website. By doing so please be aware of our Community Code of Conduct which outlines our commenting policy. Click here to understand how commenting on our website works.

If at any time you wish to edit or delete a comment you have made on our website using Facebook commenting, you can do so from a desktop or laptop device by following these steps – go to the article you commented on, find your comment inside the Facebook comments section, hover your mouse over the right hand side of your comment until you see a V shaped symbol appear and then click it. You will see a drop down menu, allowing you to choose to edit or delete your comment.

If you wish to edit or delete a comment you have made on our website using any other commenting system (e.g. Disqus commenting, WordPress commenting), and you are unsure how to edit or delete that comment – please contact us at [email protected] providing 1) a link to the website page URL where your comment is displayed and 2) a copy of your entire comment pasted into your email so that we can assist you in how to edit or delete it.

Your Safety Online

As with any interaction online, your safety and personal security is your responsibility, and we strongly recommend you do not post personally identifiable private information in the comments or any other area of our Site and/or Services. This is for your own privacy and protection. This includes your address, phone number or email address. If we see sharing of personally identifiable information we may delete it from the comments in order to maintain a safe environment.

Other Policies Governing Your Use of Our Site

Your use of our Site and/or Services is also governed by our Disclaimer and Terms of Use, Privacy Policy and Copyright Policy.