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Baking the Cake of Life – Your Recipe For Success

What if creating a life you love was like baking a cake?

There are certain ingredients and steps critical to getting a cake you love. It needs the right consistency, flavour and texture if you are going to savour that cake. If you don’t sieve the flour it will be lumpy. If you add too much flour it will be dry. If you add too much milk it will be sloppy. If you forget to put in the cocoa you’ll wonder how on earth your chocolate cake ended up as vanilla. Worse, what if you get all the ingredients right and then you can’t bear the wait to see what happens next so you keep opening the oven door to peer in at the beautiful cake you are creating, and it flops!

Here is my favourite recipe for baking The Cake of Life:

1 well greased 20 cm open mind in which to bake the life you love.

In a large bowl place the following ingredients:

1 ½ cups of defined goal/dream – define the LIFE YOU LOVE – what does it look like, what are your goals and dreams? Write them down. How can the Universe deliver you signals to guide you towards a life you love if you don’t know what you want?

2 cups of awareness – if you can’t find this ingredient in your local supermarket, try consciously being aware of your surroundings at all times to see what is really going on. Don’t let the babble in your mind rule your life. Stay alert for signals from the Universe that are showing you the way forward. Recognising signals simply takes awareness.

2 tablespoons of belief – the Universe responds to your beliefs, thoughts and feelings. If you want to bake the life you love please remember this – the Universe will be responding to your ingredients, you must BELIEVE in yourself, believe that what you desire is possible. If you can’t find a bag of belief in your baking cupboard at home, don’t worry because the next few ingredients will help…

50 gms of affirmation – AFFIRM over and over to yourself that you have achieved your goal/dream, not that you want it or wish for it, but that you have it already. Feed yourself positive statements telling yourself who you are, what you have, what your life is like NOW. This is called living from the end goal.

1 cup of boiling hot feeling – FEEL it, feel this dream like it is yours now. What does it feel like to have what you desire? Let the feelings emanate from you. Your feelings are talking to the Universe, and attracting back all other energy/matter that align with your feelings.

2 ounces of visualisation – SEE it, visualise it in your mind like a movie, imagine what it looks like to be living in the middle of that goal/dream life right now. What do you see? Put yourself in that movie like the star of the show and visualise it like it’s your reality right now.

Mix all of these ingredients in a bowl. ENJOY the process of making this cake, because what’s the fun if you don’t enjoy the process of making it? Remember, it’s not just about eating the cake at the end, it’s as much about the journey of creating it.

Pour all the ingredients into your well greased 20cm open mind (if you have a bigger well greased open mind then that is great, 30cm, 50cm… Go you!)

Consciously decide to place your open mind, filled with all the ingredients, into the Universe (also known as a piping hot oven that wants to give you all that you desire by baking that cake for you, to create the life you love).  PLEASE NOTE – As the creator of this recipe I hereby accept no responsibility for anyone who places their actual head in an actual oven! Metaphor people, metaphor!

TRICK – We all know that opening the oven door to peep in at a cake whilst it cooks, has a serious cause and effect… the act of opening the door to check that the cake is cooking properly and to assure yourself that the cake will in fact turn out just like you want it to, will in fact cause the oven of life to say… ah… see, they are checking all the time to see if the cake is perfect, they just don’t BELIEVE and TRUST that the cake will cook just as they planned it to be. Aka, just like you don’t open the oven door to check the cake, don’t spend all your time looking for evidence that your life is creating the way you visualise, affirm and believe it will. The simple act of looking everywhere for proof that this process is or isn’t working, is enough to flop the cake.

Every belief, thought, feeling and action is a key ingredient in your cake. Negative, distrusting, doubtful ingredients in = half-baked, flopped cake.

Good news about this recipe – all ingredients are free and you have them all in your baking cupboard at home. So you are in the perfect position to bake The Cake of Life right now.

Some people say baking is a science. If you get all the ingredients exactly right and follow the recipe you can't go wrong. It's an equation. Creating your life is no different. You just need to learn the basic recipe for success. If you be who you are and do what you love, with a few of the ingredients above, you can't go wrong!

Best of luck with baking the cake of your dreams!

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Ready for a More Fulfilling

& Magical Life?

Get Your Soul Journey Simplified today: discover practical guidance for understanding & navigating your spiritual path, to live the life your soul came for.

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