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leap of faith

How to Take a Leap of Faith

Are you standing on the precipice of change and considering whether you should take a leap of faith? It’s a scary place to be, right? Yes, it’s

Reduce anxiety

A Simple Tool to Help Reduce Anxiety

I recently stumbled upon an article on with a fascinating way to help reduce anxiety. According to the article, research has shown that certain types of

spiritual growth

4 Tips to Fuel Your Spiritual Growth

Do you want spiritual growth? Personally, I didn’t want to wait around for life to eventually prompt me into my spiritual growth. I developed such a passion

how to be more confident

How to Be More Confident

Lack of confidence keeps so many people stuck. Stuck in situations they don’t like. Holding themselves back from achieving their goals and dreams. Staying small, nervous, anxious

Judging others

How to Stop Judging Others

One thing I’ve noticed about people who WANT to stop judging others, is that when they realize they’re judging, they feel awful about it! Beating yourself up about judging others just