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Are You The Dog or The Tail?

The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, it’s 7.20am. The oncoming pedestrian traffic includes a man, a lady and between them a cherished ball of fluff attached to the end of a leash. As they pass I hear the man say to the lady “Oh yeah, it’s like the tail wagging the dog.”

The words catch my attention. I am not eavesdropping! It’s just hard not to listen as their conversation echoes along the empty sidewalk. Anyhow, the point of the story is that this made me think about that old adage “the tail wagging the dog”.

The analogy goes that the lesser, less important, smaller, less significant part or component, is actually controlling, steering or directing the larger part, versus the other way around.

Everyone knows that a dog wags its tail. But imagine if the tail wagged the dog! I love analogies. Any chance to use one and I’m in! I observed my own dog for fodder to write this blog, but there’s one small problem. My darling Cash has no tail, only a stump where a tail once used to be. He definitely wags his little stump, but that’s about all the stump does. So the analogy is going to be very simple, for lack of tail to observe…

Are you the front or back end of the dog?

Don’t be offended and don’t say you’re neither, that’s no fun! Play the game! For anyone wondering if you can be a cat, I like your ’outside the box’ thinking but you’ve gone too far!

Are you the dog and life is the tail?
Is life the dog and you’re the tail?

Before you get too distracted with whether you’re the front or back end, and you may even be distracted wondering just what type of dog you are….let’s get the true point here. If we relate this analogy of the tail wagging the dog to how we live life, you could say we are either the body leading the way and life is the tail following our lead, or we are the tail and life leads us along and we react as we go.

A lot of people, I am guessing, will think that life is the dog and they are the tail. In this scenario life moves along, taking whatever direction it takes, and you’re the tail, along for the ride. You have to follow the dog, it is in control and choosing the direction, you’re just the tail right? When life goes in good directions, as the obedient tail end you wag happily in response. When life goes in bad directions, as the sad and sorry tail end you just tuck yourself between life’s back legs.

Here’s the clincher….You are NOT the tail. And if you think you are then you are mistaken my friend. You are the dog (a very lovely one) and life is the tail. You choose the direction, you follow your nose, you sniff out whatever you want to create in life, you chase after (or better put, live from within!) that proverbial ball of happiness, you move in ways that align to what you want and…life is the tail that must follow your lead. Life will wag happily when you move in alignment with your true self, your real desires, your passions, when you move in directions that truly make your heart sing. And in turn, life will become the tail that tucks itself between the back legs when you move in strange ways, ways that are at odds with what you really want, in directions that don’t make your heart sing, creating circumstances that don’t make you happy.

If we sat down together and mapped out how things play out in your life we would most logically say it goes like this…

Circumstances – REACTIONS – Feelings – Thoughts

This is how it looks – stuff happens in life, you REACT, it makes you feel a certain way, and you then think something about all of that. It’s natural to think that this is how life works.

However, this is a fallacy. This is the “life’s the dog, I’m the tail” mistake many people make. The equation really goes like this…

Thoughts – Feelings – CREATION – Circumstances

You think about what you want (whether you realise you are doing it or not, whatever you focus your attention on is what you are telling the Universe you want), your thoughts then make you feel a certain way (your mind and emotions are linked) which together ‘put out’ actual energetic vibrations combining to bring about the CO-CREATION of circumstances and influence your experience of life.

Do you want to create your life or react to life?
Do you want to be the dog leading the way or the tail along for the ride?

Optimal scenario –be a happy creating dog, it’s a preferable option to a sad reacting tail.

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Ready for a More Fulfilling

& Magical Life?

Get Your Soul Journey Simplified today: discover practical guidance for understanding & navigating your spiritual path, to live the life your soul came for.

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