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Are You Anticipating Miracles & Magic – Find Out Now!

Whether we realize it or not, we have expectations of how life goes and how the world around us operates. We are subtly looking for evidence each day to reinforce what we expect from life and from the world around us.

The interesting question is – what do you expect from life and the world around you?

You might be surprised about the answer.

Many people, on the surface, think that they expect positive outcomes, joy, miracles and magic! Who would expect anything less?

However, many of us do expect less! Without realizing it, we can actually expect negative outcomes.

Why is this?

We all see the world through the lens of our beliefs, and we then anticipate certain experiences and occurrences based on those beliefs.

We are conditioned to anticipate how things will go because of what we have experienced in the past and what we believe to be true. We think that we have the capacity to predict what is likely to happen next based on this. However…

The past is gone. It is irrelevant now. NOW is all that matters and NOW is creating the next moment and the next moment and the next moment.

What are you anticipating from life?

  • Do you anticipate trouble?
  • Do you anticipate hardship?
  • Do you anticipate that things will eventually go pear shaped?
  • Do you anticipate everything to be hard work?
  • Do you anticipate people to be judgmental, challenging or ‘out for themselves'?
  • Do you anticipate roadblocks standing between you and the ideal life you want to experience?


  • Do you expect miracles?
  • Do you expect that life will deliver you what you need, when you need it?
  • Do you expect opportunities?
  • Do you expect this year to be filled with new doors opening?
  • Do you expect yourself to blossom from the inside out?
  • Do you expect to have enriching interactions with other people?

Take a moment and seriously consider what you expect.

Whatever you expect, you emit that energy. You are sending out a message, communicating with the entire universe what you expect to encounter in life.

When we expect miracles and magic, we naturally begin to look for miracles and magic. We interpret everything we encounter as possible evidence of such miracles and magic.

Likewise, of course, if we expect hardship and trouble to arise (as it may have in the past on occasion) then we subtly (in an almost undetectable way) look for evidence in day to day life to support our perspective. Something happens and we say, “See! I knew it! Bad things happen to me” or “Just another example of why the world has turned to crap”.

It's in the news every day, we are bombarded with examples that support a perspective that the world is rife with issues. That is not representative of the WHOLE truth, well at least not in my reality. My preferred reality is one where people also see massive evidence of miracles and magic. This reality is where miracles and magic are happening every day, if we are awake enough to notice it and willing enough to let go of misery and embrace the love and inspiration that is sparking up all over the world in all different shapes and forms.

Will you expect this day, this week, this month, this year to be the BEST of your life? Will you anticipate miracles and magic?

3 Steps to Start Anticipating MORE Miracles & Magic

Take action right now. It's time to anticipate the absolute best for yourself.

  1. Write down one thing you most want to attract, experience or achieve.
  2. Write down how it would FEEL if you created it or life brought it to you?
  3. Spend 1-2 minutes with your eyes closed imagining that you actually have that beautiful thing in your life right now and really let yourself FEEL how awesome that is.

When you anticipate good things happening in your life, and you FEEL the good feelings of that…

  • You feel grateful.
  • You become a magnet that attracts it.
  • You become the person who takes action to create it.
  • You have eyes that look for evidence to see it.
  • And you'll not only anticipate miracles and magical experiences in your life, but you will LIVE those experiences.

With love,


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6 Responses

  1. You are a real life angel. I am so blessed to have discovered pinchmeliving awhile back when I was searching for some inspiration and struggling with relationships. Your site is now an everyday must for me, and my, and many other lives have been changed for the best due to it.
    I will be forever grateful. John Hillyer.

    1. John, thank you so much for reaching out to me with these beautiful words. They mean a lot to me. I am grateful to have you in my community here at Pinch Me Living. Sending you my very best wishes, Bernadette 🙂

  2. Hello. I am a person who sees the world only in a negative light currently but I will begin to believe in magic and miracles. I will try it for the whole year of 2017 and will get back to you on it! Hopefully, it will go well! Peace!

    1. Best wishes for a year ahead of inner change and stepping into more positivity and peace. I highly recommend you use affirmations audios on a daily basis to support you with that goal you’ve set. Blessings! Bernadette

  3. This is how I’ve tried to live my life for several years but sometimes I fall by the wayside. This is such an important lesson and I’m trying to help my 10yr old grandson see that what you expect is what you get. I wish I’d been aware of this years and years ago ?

    1. I hear you Krissy! So wonderful you’re sharing that learning with your grandson. Much love! 🙂

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