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Strength Challenge

Take the 4 Week Strength Challenge!

Listen daily to the affirmation audios in this 4-part Strength Series, starting with Week 1 below.

Ready to go?! Bookmark this page or this Youtube link and listen to the audio below every day for a week, before moving onto the next audio in the series.

Affirmations for Spiritual Strength

To help you strengthen your spirit/soul and your connection to All That Is, below is a transcript of the affirmation statements from the above audio, so you can read and repeat to yourself regularly:

I am soul first, body second
I am Love
I am connected to All That Is
I am one with all of life
I am purity and innocence
My spirit is strong, as strong as before I was born
My spirit is strong, as strong as the day I was born
I have a body but soul is who I am
I have a mind but soul is who I am
I am a strong wise soul
I am spirit and I am strong
I choose to be here in life
When I ask for help I am heard
I am spirit on a journey through this life
I notice the life force that flows through each person
I notice the life force that is in every animal
I notice the life force in all aspects of mother nature
I am the light
I am kind to myself and others
I am forgiving of myself and others
I am guided by compassion
I am strong in my boundaries and self care
I deserve my own love and self care as much as others
I am forever connected to the Source that created me
Everything I need is already imprinted within me
The peace and love I seek is what I am here to be
I remember there is a spiritual journey unfolding below the surface events of my life
When I face another human being, my soul sees their soul
Forgiveness sets me free
No matter what I say or do, my spirit is strong and I am still as I was created to be
I am always supported
Even when I am alone, I remember I am never actually alone
I have unseen support all around me
I am guided
I receive divine wisdom through my intuition
I receive divine inspirations
I am right on track
I am right on time.
I feel connected to life around me
What beats my heart is beating the hearts of all beings
We are all connected
I walk through my day intending peace
I am peace
I am mindful of how I respond to people
I reflect on how life is showing up
I see the signs and synchronicities on my path
I am accepting of life as it is
I allow life to be as it is
I allow other people to be as they are
I allow myself to be and feel the way I do
I am a channel for love
I am an instrument of peace
I take time to be still and tune within
I trust my intuition
I have expansive wisdom from my higher self
Divine wisdom is always available to me
I foster my connection with the unseen realm
I am loved by God, Creator, Divinity, my Higher Power, the Universe, Angels, Ascended Masters and the spirit realm
I am cherished
I love and cherish myself in the same way
There is psychological and emotional safety for me here in my spiritual connection
I am fed by and nourished by my connection to all that is
I accept divine intervention in my life to support me
I ask for miracles and receive miracles
My heart is open
Love beams from me
I choose to see myself, others and life from a lens of love
I am spirit
I am spirit with immense strength
I am warmly surprised by how strong I am
Solutions already exist to any problem I may face
Answers exist to any question I may have
Each morning I invite my spirit, my soul to lead the way
Each morning I invite love to be upon my mind and heart
Each day I choose for love to lead my thoughts, words and actions
I surrender all thoughts and problems that are weighing on me
When I surrender and ask for help, I am answered
Because I am spirit
I am loved.
I am held
I am supported
I am guided
I am nourished
I am cherished
And in turn, I love, nourish and cherish others
I am an instruction of peace
I am a channel for love
Strength is what I am
I am spirit, I am free, I am beyond the things that happen to me
When I need help, I turn within and listen for the gentle voice of guidance
In times of challenge I repeat to myself, I am willing to see this differently
I look upon my life through the eyes of my soul and I see more than the physical reality
For every aspiration that makes my heart sing, there is already a pathway into it

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