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Affirmations for Motivation, Positive Choices & Action

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We're up to Week 4, with Affirmations for Choices, Action & Life Direction, but if you missed Week 1, 2 or 3, you can also access those below.

Ready to go?! Bookmark this page or this Youtube link and listen to the audio below every day for a week to build strong motivation and action taking.

Affirmations for Motivation, Positive Choices & Action

To help you strengthen your motivation, choices, action and a positive life direction, below is a transcript of the affirmation statements from the above audio, so you can read and repeat to yourself regularly:

I am clear on what is important to me
I am inspired in my mind
I feel energized in my body
I know myself and what I value
I know what I like and what makes me feel good
I make choices that honor my values and needs
I notice my intuition guiding me
I make choices aligned to my intuition
I say yes to the things that resonate with me
I say no to anything which doesn't honor me
I trust my intuition
I trust my judgement
I trust that I am more than capable of making good choices
I am also allowed to make decisions, change my mind and start again
I have permission to follow my heart day by day
There is plenty of time to experience all the things I desire
I take action each day to do things that feel good for me
I make choices that help my daily life to feel happy and balanced
I make choices that support the long term type of life I prefer
I make good career choices and prioritize my fulfillment
I make good relationship choices that honor my heart and boundaries
I love to take action
Taking action fills me with satisfaction
I take small steps
Every small step adds up
Life is just a series of many small choices and steps
It is easy to take small steps
I take one small step forward each day
I feel motivated to do things that matter to me
I take care of business and do the things that are needed to support my life
I am effective
I am efficient
I am productive
I make plans
I follow my plan
I follow through on what I commit to myself
I get inspired the more I take action
Sometimes my action is goal oriented
Sometimes my action is present moment happiness oriented
Sometimes my action is about resting for recovery
I know what I need each day and I choose and act accordingly
My life is heading in a positive direction
My choices and actions have a massive impact on the path my life takes
I am so empowered by my life direction
I get to direct my life
I feel empowered by this creative potential I have
I am allowed to play with many ideas and goals
My life is weaving journey of playing and creating
I get to choose new goals and directions anytime I wish
I focus on what feels good and that is my compass
I trust myself to choose well
I feel confident taking action
The more I am in action in my life, the more empowered I feel
The more empowered I feel, the more I want to get out there and life fully
Life is supporting me and guiding me on my journey
I have support around me to help me in my goals and dreams
I remember to talk positively to myself
The more positive self talk I do, the more motivated I feel
The more motivated I feel, the more I choose well and take action
I choose positive, optimistic thoughts about my future
I see myself doing well and being happy
I visualize each day and see myself smiling and satisfied
I see myself successfully doing the things I want to do
The most I train my mind, the most action oriented I become
I am disciplined
I am focused
I know what actions are the most important ones to take
I ask questions if I need help
I am allowed to have days where I rest and take care of myself
It is important to have balance and to rest
If I am unsure what action to take, I do whatever seems intuitive or logical
If I am unsure of what to do, I seek guidance to support my planning
It is okay to feel fear, that is human
I am allowed to have fear and still be motivated to take action
I am courageous, and can have courage and fear at the same time
All of life is a risk, and I am good at working out which risks I feel good about taking
Anytime I feel stuck, I let myself daydream about what I would do if I could do anything
I am free to live my life the way I want
I support myself to feel motivated and energized, by taking care of my mind and body
I am so much more capable than I even realize
I am magnificent
I was born to follow my intuition
What makes me happy is no mistake
The goals and dreams I am inspired by are no mistake
I get up and go for it
Each day I wake up and speak powerful words of affirmation to myself
Each day I choose what type of day I will have
Each day I choose what type of actions I will take
Each day I get to choose what direction my life will go
I am empowered
I am powerful
I am motivated
I am amped and ready to go!

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