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Affirmations for Body & Wellness

Strength Challenge

Take the 4 Week Strength Challenge!

Listen daily to the affirmation audios in this 4-part Strength Series. 

We're up to Week 3, with Affirmations for Body & Wellness, but if you missed Week 1 or 2, you can also access those below.

Ready for a strong body and wellbeing?! Bookmark this page or this Youtube link and listen to the audio below every day for a week, before moving onto the next audio in the series.

Affirmations for Body & Wellness

These body positive affirmations will help you strengthen your body and wellness. Use the transcript of the audio below if you wish to read them out loud to yourself:

My body is a magnificent creation
My body is intelligent
My body takes care of me every day without me asking
My body is strong
My body is resilient
My body is capable
My body is balanced
I am grateful for my body
I accept my body
I love my body
Each day I am in awe at the incredible things my body does effortlessly
I listen to my body
I trust my body
My body communicates with me
My body was created exactly as it needs to be
I accept this vessel that is carrying me through life
I speak lovingly to my body
I am gentle and kind to my body
I am rested
I am nourished
I am hydrated
I feel good inside my body
I feel calm inside my body
I breathe calmly each day to support my body
What makes me happy also support my wellness
I do things that make me happy
I trust my intuition
I listen to my intuition
I follow what makes my heart sing
When I am happy, my wellness is uplifted
I prioritize my happiness and wellness
I am allowed to put myself first
Rest is a priority
Fun is a priority
Time to myself is beautiful and restorative
I know what makes me feel good
I take time to care for myself
I am the only one who gets to say what I need and want
I choose to live my life the way I want
I choose self soveriegnty, to live according to my own values and intuition
I take time to meditate or be still, it supports my body and wellness
I remember to breathe consciously, full slow breathes, to calms me
I speak kindly to myself, it soothes me
I have permission to relax
I have permission to have fun
I have permission to do what feels intuitively right for me
I get to say what is important to me
I remember I am loved by life
I accept who I am
I like myself and practice love for myself
Laughter is medicine
Doing things I'm passionate about feeds my wellness
I spend time with people who resonate and always feel good around them
I am safe
It is safe to relax
I trust myself
I act on intuitive nudges
My needs are important
My voice is important
My feelings are valid
I nourish my mind, feelings and body
My body listens to me and I say loving things to it
My mind is calm, my breathing is deep and steady, my body is listening to my healing intent
I feel energized
I feel inspired
I see many blessings in my life
I look forward to the future and see myself strong, well and vibrant
When I sleep, my body restores and balances, to awaken afresh
I hold the vision of myself smiling and thriving
I imagine my body filled with white light, beaming from the inside out
When I look in the mirror I feel love for my sweet soul
When I look into my own eyes, my soul looks back at me
When I was born, my sweet little baby self was lovable and acceptable
I am older now and nothing has changed
I am sweet, lovable and acceptable
All of life supports me
I am so supported, life beats my heart every day and has me be here
I say yes to the things, places and people that contribute to my wellness and happiness
I say no to anything that is dissonant
I choose wellness
I deserve wellbeing and happiness
I am enough in every way
My body is enough and it loves me dearly
My body is here for me
I choose life
I choose happiness
I choose wellbeing
I choose me
I come home to myself
I see myself the way creation sees me, perfect in every way

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