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I'm excited to share this resource with you, I hope you find it helpful!

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How to Make Peace with Your Past

Here is a simple and powerful visualization technique to make peace with your past.

Try this out for yourself today, and remember consistency is key, so practice the method every day for 10 days minimum or longer if needed…

3 Steps to Designing YOUR

Soul-Aligned Life

Discover how to honor your soul calling you into MORE! Clarify your soul’s plan & purpose + get ready to break free from those things preventing you from creating a life deeply aligned with who you really are & what you’re here to live!

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4 Responses

  1. I love you, Bernadette, from Scottsdale, Arizona, USA! You are spot on, charming, & kind. Thank you!!

    1. Much love to you Nancy. Thank you for your sweet message and for being a positive part of our community. B

  2. Hi B. I’ve been away from your emails and videos for several months now, but have just sat through a couple of videos and read some of your emails – serendipitous, calming and a wonderful guide back to the path! Many thanks, again!

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Bernadette Logue - Spiritual Life Coach

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B is a Spiritual Life Coach, Author and the Founder of Soul Odyssey. With over 12 years of experience working with people both 1:1 and in groups, she helps you to reconnect and align with your soul for a life of purpose, fulfillment and magic.

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