A Practical Guide to Boosting Your Confidence

In this practical guide for boosting your confidence you'll find a free coaching video with practical tips you can apply immediately focusing on simple things that help with overcoming self doubt and second guessing, building confidence and self esteem.

I’m going to first share with you 9 mini case studies of people who have self confidence now, and who make confident life choices doing what they love, and HOW they got that confidence in 9 specific ways.

By understanding and practicing these 9 things you can boost your confidence too.

These people I informally interviewed had previously experienced some form of self doubt, or lack of self esteem, self trust or self confidence.

These are NATURAL and NORMAL challenges on the ride called life. So if you're going through that too, just know it's NOT a deficiency or a fault!

These case studies come from an even mix of extroverts and introverts, men and women, spanning a 50 year age range, including different countries, upbringings, experiences, life challenges and careers.

So I wanted to know…  HOW did they resolve self doubt and self esteem issues, and instead BOOST their confidence, to now be the people who exhibit the natural confidence that I’ve witnessed (what I would call quiet, humble, soulful confidence).

Because I know all these people personally. I have seen what they’ve actually done in their lives and the way they carry themselves. They ALL inspire me. They are either people who have mentored me, or they are people in my personal or professional network.

Answer 2 Questions

Before we dive into the 9 things they shared about confidence that you can use in your own journey, here are a couple of important questions for YOU…

  • How would your life be/feel different if you were more confident?
  • Is there something specific you would DO if you had more confidence?

9 Things that Boost Confidence

Below I’ve summarized the common themes that emerged from the interviews, or click here to read the full article.

1. Self Acceptance

“I actually feel that my confidence comes from my self-acceptance. The more I have accepted myself the more confident I feel. Therefore the more confident I am the more I accept myself! They support one another.”

“Self acceptance is massive. It’s everything when it comes to being confident. When you are at peace with yourself and love who you are, you naturally become confident. You don’t care as much if you fail at something, knowing that even if you do fail, you’ll still love yourself anyway.”

It’s time to accept yourself fully (warts and all!)… I’ll be showing you how, so stay tuned.

2. Mindset, Attitude & Self Talk

“Realizing you have to live with yourself 24 x 7 and life is a LONG journey, I got tired of feeling at odds with myself, it’s like having a mini battle inside your own mind. So I integrated positive thinking and positive self talk. That generates more self acceptance and self confidence naturally.”

“Not talking negatively to myself, boosting myself up with positive self talk, being my own best supporter.”

People who feel confident and do awesome things in life (heart led goals, projects and adventures) have CHOSEN a mindset that supports the type of feeling and life they want.

3. Other People Providing Positive Feedback

This surprised me. I’m not a huge fan of leveraging my personal growth through things I can’t control (e.g. what other people say or do!), but the fact of the matter is… this works and it’s happening for MANY people – successfully experiencing sustained growth in their confidence by choosing to be around positive people who verbally give positive feedback…

“People who I trust say to me “you’re amazing at XYZ” and so that lifts my confidence. I take a moment to acknowledge what others see in me that I don’t see for myself, that helps me to feel confident.”

“Surrounding myself with people who believe in me and who have a positive can do attitude too, has been really important for helping my confidence.”

“I get positive feedback from my kids (and others adults too) which has really helped me to accept myself. My kids are the first people to accept me and tell me that they love who I am. They see me that way, and I didn’t see myself that way, so it adjusted my self perception.”

“My confidence has also been boosted due to other people having had faith in me and having seen in me the person who would be able to do more and bigger things. They have told me that, so that helped me to see myself differently and feel more confident.”

I’ll be sharing more soon on HOW you can deliberately experience this for yourself too.

4. Loving What You Do

Which comes first, the chicken or the egg?

Do you get confidence first, and then because you’re confident you do what you love?

Or do you go ahead and do what you love now, and THAT is what gives you confidence?

“It’s important to LOVE what you’re doing, that joy gives you confidence. I always loved what I did and I believe that gave me confidence.”

“The reason I have confidence to take action on my goals and projects is because I believe in what I’m doing. I don’t do things in my life or follow paths unless I am really passionate about it, and it gives me joy. From that love and intuition about the thing I’m embarking on, that boosts my confidence.”

5. A Healthy Perspective on Fear, Risk & Failure

This was the biggest and clearest resounding theme with everyone I spoke to. Check this out…

“Confidence comes with a good mindset about failure. Trying something and it not succeeding is NOT failure, it’s ‘you can suck and still be awesome for doing it and having fun doing it'!”

“Facing my fears and doing things I’m afraid of and conquering those has boosted my confidence. Through taking action and doing new things I got more comfortable with risk, uncertainty and realized I’m way more capable than I used to give myself credit for.”

“Feel the fear and do it anyway. I like to ask, “what could possibly go wrong?” I got taught early in my career, if someone says NO to you, life isn’t over, failing doesn’t mean the ground will open and swallow you up.”

“Feel the fear and do it anyway!” I often felt insecure, a lack of confidence, and afraid as I embarked on new relationships, jobs, opportunities, etc. Yet since I value growth and learning and I am a bit of a rebel, not afraid to take risks, I often leapt into the unknown and grew as a result of this.”

Enough said! Stay tuned, I’ll show you how to shift your relationship with risk, fear and failure.

6. Drawing Strength from Life Challenges

The times when we are down on our knees, crushed by life events, are the moments that build our resilience and confidence that we can do anything and deal with ANYTHING…

“I think about the loss, grief and life challenges I’ve had and I know life will never be that bad again, so you take what life dishes you out and deal with it, and move on. Life difficulties come with life lessons in them, take the lessons, and there’s nothing to be frightened of. This resilience has helped me to be more self accepting and accepting of life, and therefore more confident to face what life brings.”

“I’ve been able to do new things in my life with confidence because of knowing that tough times in the past make you stronger. When you’ve gone through challenges you realize you get wiser, stronger, smarter and that you can face anything, so it’s less scary to take on new things or changes.”

7. Faith

If you live your life with any sort of faith base, religion or spirituality, you can lean on that loving Source / Higher Power to support your confidence

“My confidence was boosted from noticing repeated signs/messages from life that supported the feeling of what I wanted to do. That makes me feel like I’m not alone and helps me trust my original idea, knowing life is somehow mirroring that to me. That in turn gives me confidence.”

“Leaning on my faith – that a loving divine intelligence created me the way I am for a reason. I prefer to trust in that Higher Power (which created all the miracles I see around me every day) as opposed to trusting in my own small mind noise, doubt, fear or judgment! I’m pretty sure it knows better than me!”

8. Taking Small Steps

Don’t feel confident to do what you really want to do in life?

Stop thinking of the enormity of the big picture, and draw confidence from taking just one small step forward at a time and see what happens…

“When I was doing something new, I was confident because I never went in head over heels, I always start small and take small steps, experiment and take small risks, then if it looks okay then I keep going.”

“Inspiration comes into my mind with an idea of a small little step I could take. So it’s like intuition or creative inspiration shows me something simpler to do to get started where I don’t have to worry about the enormity of the bigger picture.”

9. Regularly Connecting to Your Inner Self

It's important to tune into your inner Self regularly…

“Cultivating and balancing my inner and outer worlds has made a significant difference in maintaining and building on my confidence… The more I connect (inside) with the truth of who I am, my spiritual essence, Divinity and heart, the more at peace and ease and connected I am with ME… as a result my outer world including my work, expression, relationships and contribution are rooted in my confidence and the deeper knowing of who I am.”

“I walk to work every day, 1 hour by myself having “me time”, so I can reflect, think about things, feel connected to myself, and it definitely calibrates me for the day.”

9 Tips for HOW to Apply This Recipe to Boost Your Confidence

In the coaching video below, you'll get one practical tip for each of the 9 themes above, which can apply right away in YOUR life to help with boosting your confidence.

Here's what we cover in the video:

  1. One quick tip for how to accept yourself unconditionally
  2. An easy mindset shift you can adopt today that lifts your confidence
  3. The simplest way to get more positive people and praise into your life
  4. A guaranteed no-risk way to do what you love right now
  5. The no-brainer attitude change about risk & failure that will propel your confidence
  6. One reflection exercise that will lower your fear and elevate your self-esteem immediately
  7. A little faith ritual you can start using (I do this all the time), which is like plugging yourself into the infinite power source of all confidence!
  8. How you can get evidence of your increased confidence within the next 7 days, as proof YOU ARE BEING the person you were born to be!
  9. The no-fail way to stay on track with living your own unique life (soul!) journey confidently (in a world where most people compare themselves to others all the time!)

If you prefer to dive straight into the tips most relevant to your needs, without watching the full coaching video, simply click here to get this free training in a series of shorter videos broken down into the 9 individual tips.

Inject Yourself With Confident Energy on a Daily Basis

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