9 Tips to Help You Build Confidence

No matter what age you are, what your past has been like, where you stand now, whether you’re introverted or extroverted… you CAN have more confidence in simple ways. Today I'm going to share with you a sweet little proven recipe for confidence!

Recently I shared 9 case studies of people I personally know who live with confidence now, having also experienced the same types of self-doubt or self-esteem challenges that you might be experiencing. 

9 common themes emerged of shared attitudes, behaviors, realizations, rituals and actions which helped these people to have more confidence.

Those 9 themes were:

  1. Self acceptance
  2. Mindset, attitude, self talk
  3. Other people's positive feedback
  4. Loving what you do
  5. Having a healthy perspective on fear, risk and failure
  6. Drawing strength from life challenges
  7. Faith
  8. Taking small steps
  9. Regularly connecting with your inner self

In this coaching video series below, I'm going to help you APPLY these same confidence boosters in YOUR life right now, in order to build confidence. Let's break it down…

Introduction – How to Build Confidence

1. Quick Tip for HOW to Accept Yourself Unconditionally

2. A Mindset Shift You Can Adopt to Lift Your Confidence

3. Simple Idea to Support More Positive People & Praise In Your Life

4. A No-Risk Way to Do What You Love Right Now

5. An Attitude Change about Risk & Failure To Support Your Confidence

6. Reflection Exercise to Lower Fear and Elevate Your Self-Esteem

7. A Quick Faith Ritual to Feel Good & Build Confidence

8. How to Get Evidence of Your Increased Confidence

9. How to Stay On-Track Confidently Living YOUR Unique Path

More Support for Confidence:

9 Tips to Help You Build Confidence

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8 Responses

  1. Hi there Bernadette,
    I just wanted to thank you for your work and all the information that you have given me over these difficult times. I have got your book and am busy reading that too. It is fabulous. You make it so easy to understand the difficult concepts that you cover. So many truths that I resonate with. I’m feeling better already and fighting cancer in these darker months since COVID has been a lot easier with your assistance and I feel much more courage in order to face any other adversity that may come my way. Thanks again from the bottom of my heart.

    1. Hi Susan, thank you for your message, it’s so lovely to be connected with you and to hear that the resources have been helpful for you. For your journey, for your health, for your peace and happiness, I send so much love and support your way. Please don’t hesitate to reach out anytime. Thank you for being with us in BernadetteLogue.com community. Blessings to you!! B

  2. Hi Bernadette

    Just wanted to say thanks for putting together that video series – was actually on my laptop doing something else, (looking for a recipe for soft tacos!), and came across your email and decided to watch your videos. Really good actionable advice. I’ve written lots of notes and am going to action. And I think you’re so right about the cumulative effect of small steps – it can be hard to remember that but when I think about anything major I’ve accomplished it was always through continued effort and many small steps rather than one big leap. Thanks so much for reminding me of that.

    1. Hey Charlie, thanks for your message! Soft tacos… yum! But I digress! ?? So happy to hear the video series was helpful for you and here’s to taking small steps that add up to huge leaps on this journey!! Big love, Bx

  3. Hi B,
    Thank you once again for sending information that gives practical advice, along with steps to accomplish results. Baby steps, yes! Sometimes it seems like a huge gap between where we want to be, and where we are until we look at where we were, and where we are now. Your reminder that baby steps are cumulative is of paramount importance.
    I’m with you 100% about not thinking of ourselves as failures because what we tried didn’t work out. Some things don’t work out for many reasons, and we are better off because they didn’t (hindsight), but all can be learning experiences.
    The work you are doing is life-changing. God bless you.

  4. May God continue to bless you. I love all the love and positivity you share. I am really learning how to increase my confidence. Sending you love from South Africa <3 Gloria

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