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8 Practices for Being at Peace Right Here & Now

In this article we will focus on being at peace in ANY situation, with proven practical steps you can easily apply.

We're going to cover:

  • 6 examples of difficult real life events that demonstrate it IS possible to find peace no matter what.
  • 8 proven practices you can use to have more peace within yourself.
  • 26 self-guided free resources for releasing pain and enhancing inner peace.

Peace is a Super Power

When you feel peaceful inside, you are more effective, personally and professionally.

You'll notice you have clearer intuition, clearer thinking, easier decision making, better communication, more productivity, plus enhanced wellbeing and happiness.

But there are A LOT of things in life that can disturb your peace.

And it might seem impossible to find peace amid those challenges.

I hear you.

Today I’m going to share with you examples of 6 difficult real life situations that demonstrate it IS DEFINITELY possible to be at peace no matter what.

You just need simple proven practices that are EASY and QUICK to implement when you feel unpeaceful (see below!)

First things first though, it’s worth asking, just to be sure we're on the same page…

Do you want MORE inner peace?

Peace of mind, peace in your body, peace flowing into your relationships, peace during your work day, peace in all areas of your life?

I'm going to give you proven practical methods for stepping into peace right now, no matter how you’re feeling at present, no matter what’s going on in your life.

If you apply what I share with you below, and bring a completely open mind and willing heart to it, you’ll have more peace than when you started.

Ready? Let's go!

A Few Foundation Truths

  • Peace is priceless (anyone who has suffered knows the deep value of inner peace) and it's your birthright (you are destined for peace, not pain).
  • You don’t have to change life around you, or have control over external factors, in order to have peace within (but from a state of inner peace you can certainly more easily make powerful changes to shape your outer life the way you want it).
  • There’s nothing wrong with you if you’re struggling and feel stressed, fearful, anxious, anger, frustrated, lost or any form of non-peace! We often don’t get taught peace strategies growing up, but as adults we're ripe to learn!
  • You don’t need anything other than your willingness in order to have more peace.

6 Painful Events that Turned to Peace

Below are 6 real life examples of situations that I’ve personally been through that involved suffering of some kind (e.g stress, strain, fear, anxiety, anger, upset, frustration, confusion, alarm) where I used exactly what I’m going to teach you this month and the steps took me back to inner peace.

  1. Someone stole money from me.
  2. Close friend broke trust, which destroyed the relationship.
  3. Sold my car when moving to another country and as I was about to board the plane the buyer called saying the car was faulty – it wasn’t (!) but PANIC set in nevertheless!
  4. Beloved treasured 4 legged soul companion passed away.
  5. A personal project I'd invested a lot of heart, time, energy and resources into unexpectedly and abruptly ended.
  6. Got blamed for someone else’s bad behavior that had nothing to do with me.
  7. Oh and an extra example for good measure… #7… world chaos (we all know this one!)

Some of these situations are from many years ago when I was just starting out learning my peace-approach so it sometimes took me days, weeks, months (or longer!) to get fully back into peace. I had no one showing me how, it was just me fumbling my way along trying to find peace!

But as time went on, the more I learned the reliable path to peace, the easier and quicker it happened. It now takes me minutes or hours to shift myself to inner peace if life triggers me (or there are blessed moments… realizing that something difficult is happening and I don’t feel triggered at all).

Moral of the story – with easy steps and a willing heart, you can get super good at this peace thing!

There is no need to drag the burden of past pains or present difficulties with you as you journey into each new day and forward in your life.

What Peace is NOT…

Just to be clear, to have peace does not mean:

  • Pretending you're okay about something painful, or condoning something that has hurt or upset you.
  • Ignoring the facts of life, turning a blind eye or being in denial.
  • Running away from something in order to avoid triggers.
  • Doing nothing practical about the facts of your life situation (to create positive changes).

Peace IS methodically helping yourself to find calm in the midst of turmoil, to retain your personal power and all your energy, and to use that for your benefit and a higher good.

8 Ways to Have More Peace

Below we'll go through 8 ways to have more peace.

In some situations I’ve used all 8 of these steps below.

But other times, I’ll only use one step and realize that’s all I need.

You can go “all in” with the 8 steps, or pick/choose, mix and match!

1. Release the Stress (GET CALM)



4. Acknowledge What You Can/Can’t Control (REALITY CHECK)

5. Forgo & Forgive to be Free (BOLD CHOICES TO MAKE)

6. Alternative Accurate Perspectives (CRAFTING A NEW VIEWPOINT)


8. Avert Pain and Attend to Peace (PROACTIVE SACRED RITUALS)

Above is just an overview to get us started.

Below you'll find a breakdown of notes about each of the 8 steps for your self guided learning, including  related free resources to help you apply each step.

This is based on a live class that we held in the community. If you missed that class you can use the notes below in your own time.

8 Proven Ways to Have More Inner Peace

These 8 steps will help you to relieve:

  • the burden of the past
  • any pain in the present
  • or fear of the future

Take time to pause and reflect on each point, and to journal your reflections. 

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  1. I am grateful for the 8 practices for being at peace. Thank you so much. This is an abundance of wealth for me. Thank you

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