8 Bible Verses To Help Your Anxiety

No matter how hard we try to feel peace and joy, some of us can't help the anxiety that leaks into our lives.

We reach for things to distract us or to fill in the holes so that anxiety can't come through.

But often the ways we try to respond to anxiety doesn't stick or provide a lasting peace. As soon as we are no longer distracted or let our defenses down, anxiety reveals itself once again.

So what should we do?

We first need to understand how anxiety shows up in different ways.

1. When you don't feel prepared.

Maybe you procrastinated and now you are afraid you will drop the ball because you aren't as prepared as you would like! Now, you are digging in your heels so you don't have to move forward. You would rather stand still than to take a step and fall! But falling isn't always the worst thing.

2. When your past triggers negative feelings.

Sometimes a reminder of a difficult past or a painful memory triggers anxious emotions. You can't change your past, but you can change how you respond to it!

3. When you feel out of control.

Your future is unknown, and change is scary. You may presently be in a place of comfort and security, so as soon as your circumstances change, you feel out of control. But not all change is negative.

4. When you have no explanation.

Sometimes there is no warning or explanation to your anxiety. You feel it and can't explain why. When this happens, it's harder to brace yourself or know how to respond.

Because the reasoning behind anxiety can be different for everyone, we wanted to equip you with a coping strategy that works every time. Anxiety speaks false beliefs to us that leave us paralyzed. It tells us there is no hope, fills us with fear, and limits our full potential. The Bible speaks truth. It provides the only reliable answers to our anxious heart. We have to fill ourselves with this truth in order to effectively fight the battle against anxiety.

When you feel anxiety begin to attack, refer to the infographic below, and trust that the Lord is stronger than anything we could face.


Tell us in the comments, how do you deal with anxiety?

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19 Responses

    1.Faith heals all.
    2.The more u practice ur faith the more confident u will become.
    3.Faith gives u purpose in life.
    4.Faith makes love more powerful.
    5.The more faith u have the more love u will give.
    6.Faith makes u stronger mentally and emotionally.
    7.The Stronger the faith the stronger spirit.
    8.Faith makes the impossible possible.
    9.U can only gain more faith through helping people less fortunate than urself.
    10.The more faith u have in urself the more faith and love will return to u.

  2. Thank you JESUS! At times the enemy comes in with nothing but negative thoughts BUT we have a helper. JESUS CHRIST THE HOLY ONE! ????

  3. These verses are such wonderful reminders in this hectic life we lead… it shows us that sometimes we need to take a minute and realize who is in control. We try so hard to control everything around us not realizing that it is ultimately impossible. We do our best and leave the rest to God.

  4. Hey I really love this article. I would love for you guys to feature on my blog struggleis.com. I really wanna do a piece on dealing with anxiety and depression in a Godly way. Please email me. [email protected]

  5. Thanks so much this article it really blessed my soul. I wrote this on a piece of paper and it keep it every where I go. And it helps build my faith in GOD. When I feel overwhelmed I pulls this acticle out and meditate on it , It really is a Blessing.

  6. Scriptures and praying and exercise I try and combine them all give everything to god and wait but pray for the patience to do so thankyou so much godless

  7. Knowing you are not alone and not going crazy,makes you/me/us feel more connected and just knowing you can share ur feelings can be a strong defence against negativity and anxiety,so thankyou for being there

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