4 Reasons To Embrace Being Different

Embracing the characteristics about ourselves that are different is difficult. The world gives us an image of who we need to be from our outside to our inside, and deviating from those standards can often cause us to feel isolated.

We're all different, but we conform to a norm that honestly doesn't come naturally to any of us. No one is born with the abilities to meet the world's expectation of “normal,” so we spend our days conforming to a checklist or explaining ourselves over and over in hopes others will be able to make sense of our differences.

But what if we embraced what makes us different?

Here are four things to understand if you want to fully embrace your differences:

1. Being different helps you make a difference.

Your differences stand out, and the world needs them. New ideas, perspectives, and actions are required if you want to positively impact the world! Progress will never be made if you're just like everyone else.

How can YOU make a difference?

2. Relationships don't always require having things in common.

Do you feel as though you have to put on an act to make or keep friends? Maybe you need a reminder that friendships require much more than having things in common. In fact, it's said that opposites attract! Your differences can compliment each other, and you don't have to worry about being in competition. In some cases, your differences may positively push each other outside of your comfort zones!

How can you embrace your differences in your friendships?

3. You can use your differences to teach other people.

What you try to hide or cover up could be the very thing another person wants to learn! Instead of making excuses for your differences, explain and teach others about them! This will help you connect with others and learn to love every part of yourself.

What could you teach others about your differences?

4. Successful people are different people.

Individuals who are successful typically pave their way because of their differences and willingness to take risks.

An article by Forbes, Being The Odd One Out – Survival Tips To Being Different, said: “The mega-successful don’t play by the rules. They don’t conform to all of society’s norms. They don’t follow what everyone else is doing. They do their own things –- in their own ways. They make decisions that work for them. They set goals for where they want to go. They think out of the box firstly because they aren’t standard issue, and can’t fit into the regular packaging… but mostly because they like to.”

How can you use your differences to earn success?

Remember, stop hiding what makes you different and learn to embrace every part of who you are!

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  1. This resource helped me with my homework for English class and gave me an A. This is so inspiring and uplifting. Thank you <3

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