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3 Life Changing Realizations

There are 3 profound realizations I've had on my journey that changed my life dramatically for the better.

I’m giving you those 3 x FUNDAMENTAL LIFE CHANGING REALIZATIONS here in this article.

Please take each of the 3 messages and consider them closely, because they can (if you're willing) have the same powerfully positive impact in your life as they did in mine, and in so many other people's lives in our community!

Now, let's dive in with #1 below…

Fundamental Life Changing Realization #1

No one sees life like you do. No one thinks like you do. No one hears the world like you do…

There is no one else who experiences life the same way as you, according to your “model of reality”.

In fact, there is NO single version of reality, because everyone is experiencing life through their own unique paradigm.

Your paradigm is entirely based on what you believe, and how you perceive, filter and interpret life according to those beliefs.

Your paradigm is like a pair of tinted glasses you wear, which changes “what is” into what you accept as life.

Sometimes that works for you, and you perceive/interpret positively and you feel great.

Other times that does not work for you AT ALL. You perceive/interpret in a way that creates negative thought patterns, difficult emotions and behavior/actions that aren't helping you live the way you want to.

This can keep you stuck in patterns that hold you back and can limit your inner peace and happiness.

Imagine this… there are over 7 billion people on the planet, and each person is experiencing life slightly differently due to their unique paradigm. Therefore there are 7 billion versions of reality going on at once!

Here’s the fundamental realization, which once you understand, will begin to FREE YOU of a limiting paradigm…

We’ve established that your paradigm is founded primarily upon what you believe.

Most people think they just believe what they believe and those beliefs are who they are.

But did you know that most of your beliefs are NOT YOUR OWN?

Would it be a little shocking to find out that your entire life and what you think is reality, and how you experience peace and happiness (or not!) is based upon conditioning that has been put onto you. Instead of you having consciously chosen it…

  • As a child you took on beliefs from those who raised you – parents, guardians, extended family.
  • You went through a schooling system where you took on beliefs from teachers, peers and the education system which sought to helpfully shape your mind and prepare you for the future.
  • You lived in a particular location and community, with its own heritage, history, challenges, rituals and beliefs, shaping you as a member of that collective.
  • You grew up and entered into adult relationships with friends and partners, whom you were immersed in the company of and influenced by.
  • You entered the workforce in some capacity that saw you surrounded by organisations, employers, colleagues, brands, cultures and customers and all their beliefs, which you were exposed to and impacted by.
  • Since the day you were old enough to watch, listen, make sense and speak, you have been quietly, slowly but surely socially conditioned by advertising, mass media and social media.
  • And finally, each experience you have had in life, which you interpreted through your unique paradigm, caused you to subconsciously (or consciously!) further embed all those beliefs or create new ones.

Now – as an adult, you have to ask yourself – which of my beliefs are my own? And which of my beliefs are negative and limiting me?


“Regarding what I think and say to myself about: myself, other people, relationships, love, health, money, about possibility and risk, about career and opportunity, about this world…

Are these MY consciously chosen perspectives which serve me well or am I automatically living life unconsciously in alignment with all the conditioning?”

Here is the answer:

  • If you have limiting beliefs of any kind (which, by the way, absolutely give rise to recurring negative thought patterns, uneasy feelings, and limiting habits and actions) then your paradigm has been conditioned in a way that does not serve you.
  • If you have fears that you don’t want but nevertheless they seem impossible to shake, then your paradigm has been conditioned in a way that does not serve you.
  • If you are living your life to expectations (your own, other people’s, or society's) and you don't like how that makes you feel, and it holds you back from having the peace, happiness and freedom you most want, then your paradigm has been conditioned in a way that does not serve you.
  • If you want to live life to the beat of your own drum, to follow your own intuition, and design your life to suit yourself and your loved ones, but you feel a little (or a lot!) caught up in the way the rest of society lives, then your paradigm has been conditioned in a way that does not serve you.



It is just a result of unconsciousness.

The question here is not – “Do I have a limiting, warped paradigm, which holds me back, and who is responsible for this?”

Instead, the powerful questions are:

  • Am I willing to tolerate the limitations in my paradigm ANY MORE given I have this one, exciting opportunity at life?
  • Is it likely I will look back on my life at the end and feel at peace if I chose to live my life fenced in by conditioning and beliefs that were limiting and not my own?
  • Do I want to make MY OWN intuitive, free, peaceful and happy way forward in this life?

Interestingly, all of the above is like a human rite of passage, the path of awakening. We ALL go through it at some stage.

The timing of awakening differs for each of us. Some wake early, some wake mid-life, others don’t realize until it’s nearly too late.

The path goes like this… our beautiful souls spring forth into life when born. We grow up. We realize that some things in life don’t work well for us. We wonder why. We experience the flow on effects of a limiting paradigm and eventually we start to ask questions. And we want more and better for ourselves. So we wonder…

“Can it be different for me?”

The answer emphatically and categorically is YES, it can be different and it WILL be different for you right now. It’s all in your hands. 

Let’s be 100% clear on one thing, YOU WERE NOT BORN WITH LIMITATION. You were born as a beautiful, free, unique soul ready to play and dance with life.

Everything that is not beautiful, free, limitless, expressive, playful, peaceful and happy about you simply DOES NOT BELONG TO YOU. And it’s time to drop it. It’s time to release those aspects of your paradigm, so you can return to that clean slate you were born as. It is time to unleash your life by shifting your paradigm – shifting your beliefs back into alignment with truth.

Because when your paradigm is an accurate depiction of your true nature, instead of one warped by limiting beliefs, fear, expectations and societal conditioning, you are unstoppable. You are peaceful, free, more content and you are the epitome of new world “success”.

Here in our community the focus is on mind mastery, conscious living and soul alignment… bringing to you fresh, new and more accurate perspectives that you can choose to live from if they resonate, as an alternative to whatever conditioning has been holding you back. To help you live from a positive and limitless paradigm, and to connect you back to your soul – so that you recall and live from that spiritual, divine nature of who you are. This helps you to LIVE YOUR SOUL’S actual LIFE PURPOSE, a life filled with meaning.

I’m excited to share more with you on that! Your soul and your life purpose is the next topic. Check the next Life Changing Realization below!

Fundamental Life Changing Realization #2

This is all about your soul and life purpose.

Buckle in because this is sooooo IMPORTANT.

There is no one on the face of the planet right now that has what you have.

You were born with a gift.

That gift is being you.

No one else has that gift. Only you can be you!

And, gifts are for expressing.

So… if being you IS the gift, then expressing you is what you DO with your gift.

Expressing yourself fully, unapologetically, uninhibited and without limitation.

You are not here to judge yourself, judge your value, compare yourself to others, silence yourself, diminish yourself, hide yourself, downplay yourself, adapt yourself, suppress who you really are, do what you think you “should” do or meet the expectations of other people.

The world will never see another human being like you. Your uniqueness, in every respect, is your gift.

Your soul wants to express fully into this world, so that you can leave your unique and loving imprint on all those you encounter and upon the world.

That is your contribution to humanity, in whatever way it plays out. To live your life purpose, to align to your soul, is simply to be the full and unique expression of who you are.

There is no need to “work out” what your unique expression is. Your mind may want to analyze and bend over backwards to “work this out”.

Ignore your mind for a moment. Your soul is on a whole other level! Just acknowledge for now that you ARE a unique expression.

And, please never underestimate the power of your positive energy and how it ripples outward to affect everything and everyone around you when you are being your full, authentic self. It is a massive contribution to humanity.

Now for the GREAT NEWS and the SOBERING NEWS…

Sobering news first! If you do not open yourself to this magnificent divine truth of what you can offer this world by fully expressing who you are, then you will come and go from this world, and your unique expression will be suppressed and lost forever.

I WILL NOT HAVE THAT HAPPEN TO YOU, you are too precious.


This is a conscious choice you need to make, to be living with positivity and awareness, being present and showing the world all of who you naturally are, all of the time.

Now for the great news…

To live your purpose is easier than you might think.

Simply ACT when YOUR SOUL SPEAKS TO YOU and through you.

And HOW does your soul speak to you and through you, so you can align in mind and body to it, to live your purpose?

In a way that your mind and body can understand—through the language of feeling.

More specifically, through the feelings of passion, inspiration and intuition.

Your soul is giving you these as signals to notice, follow and act upon to lead you into your most successful, fulfilled experience of life.

Passion is feeling. Inspiration is supported by powerful feeling. Intuition is feeling guidance. The language of your soul is all part of your unique expression, seeking to make its way into the world.

With conscious awareness you will notice these specific feelings as soul messages. You are able to process them with your logical mind and choose, with your freewill, to act upon them—to decide, to move, to do, to create and to contribute out of the passion, out of the inspiration and out of the intuition.

It is part of your purpose to honor these aspects of yourself and give expression to them. You were created to be free and flowing in these ways, and as a result to shine your positivity and love wherever you go!

Practically speaking, this means you pay attention to what you are most passionate about, what inspirations come to you and what your intuitive sense is telling you. Then you bring these soul urges into reality through action.

The more you pay attention and act, the better your soul energy can flow freely from the inside out. The more you do this, the greater the space there is within you for more to come—more passion, more inspiration and more intuition.

Your divine soul energy is unlimited, it just needs a clear channel through which to flow into this world.


Your soul knows exactly how to be the full expression that will fulfill your purpose and create your optimal happiness and success.

Your mind is what blocks you…

Remember the limiting paradigm we talked about (Fundamental Life Changing Realization #1 above)… the limiting beliefs, fear, expectations and societal conditioning. All of it gets in the way and stops you from hearing and feeling your soul speaking to you. It makes you judge and question yourself, stopping you dead in your tracks before you've even got started!

But if you tune into your soul, you will notice that things start to change.

And to finish off on this Life Changing Realization #2, let me tell you something valuable and VERY COOL I’ve learned over the years of doing what I do, supporting people to live a positive and beautiful life…

When you hold a vision for your life that is as strikingly simple as just being your unique expression, and you let yourself act from soul-aligned passions, inspirations and intuition as they arise, then more miracles happen.

This is when it feels like you’re being divinely supported – doors swing open, opportunity knocks, uncanny coincidences happen, synchronicities occur, and it feels like you're being shown (in the most surprising ways!) how to flow into the slipstream of your life, to live your highest potential.

Fundamental Life Changing Realization #3

Let me start with a few critical points…

  • If you should find that you do not like any aspect of your inner way of being, your outer action or your life situation, please know that you can redesign it to suit yourself. You have both the courage and capability to do that. And you have divine support behind you to do so.
  • If you should find that you have walked so far down a particular path in any area of your life and your intuition tells you to change direction, please know that you have the permission and capability to do that. And to heck with what anyone else thinks, says or expects!

Why be so bold about this?

Well, if you are suffering inside to ANY degree, because you are not living in a way that fully works for you, for ANY reason big or small, then NO ONE is winning.

Not you, not your family, friends, partner, children, work colleagues, your community, or society as a whole.

Often people get into a particular situation in relationships, career, business, health, finances, or lifestyle and then think things like:

  • It's too late to change
  • This is just who I am
  • This is just how life is
  • I don’t know how to…
  • I’ll look silly if I change my mind
  • I don't want to be seen as a failure or flaky
  • I don't deserve better
  • I don't know where to start
  • It's easier to ignore it
  • Even though something isn't right, it's better to soldier on
  • I have to stick to what I know
  • I can't put my needs first
  • It’s selfish or dreamy to consider changing directions
  • Dreams are just that, dreams
  • I have to be “realistic”
  • It's too hard
  • What if I'm not cut out for it
  • What if my instincts are wrong
  • I don't have what it takes
  • It's easier just to stick to what I know
  • I'll do it tomorrow (and I’ll tell myself this same message when tomorrow arrives).
  • I don't want to risk anything / get it wrong
  • This is “my lot”
  • I had my chance
  • I'm willing to trade off inner peace, happiness and fulfilment for what I have now.

And here is what I have to say about that…

Your soul will breathe life through this body you are in for a certain number of days on this planet and then you will be gone.

It is not as much sad, as it just fact.

You have to live those set number of days vibrantly and TO THE TUNE OF YOUR OWN INNER SONG.

This is how you honor the gift of life that you’ve been given.

If you don’t, then you will limit your life experience. You will regret it when your last days come. And, you will steal from all those you love and this world the wonderful FULL expression and joy that you are when you’re living in alignment with your inner knowing.

Let go of judgment.

Let go of concern.

Ask yourself what you would do if you were not afraid.

Then take one step forward. Because you were born to do so.

And here is the final fundamental realization I want to share with you…

There is no ONE single path for you in this life.

There is not just one chance, or one career, or one business, or one relationship, or one love, or one shot at health, or one talent, or one opportunity.

Instead, you are going to have a colorful, blended, weaving journey of MANY paths.

It is society that has led you to believe that you must walk forward in one direction and never pause, reflect, step back or step sideways.

It is collective fear that breeds, feeds and takes up residence within you, causing you to hesitate and not listen to the small, still voice within.

It's funny to realize that what some people might think of as taking a step back or sideways, to create a more peaceful, happy and soul aligned life, is in fact THE VERY THING THAT PROPELS YOU FORWARD!

Design your life so it works for you. And when it does not work for you any longer, allow yourself permission to redesign it again.

Because here's the deal…

You grow as a person throughout life. You evolve. And as you do so you unfold into new passions, inspirations and points of intuition. You get called forward in new ways.


Your job is to factor that inner evolution into your outer life experience – adjusting, weaving and choosing as you go along.

This is why you have FREE WILL.

Sometimes this is as simple as small tweaks in how you are being, or what you are doing. Other times it may mean more significant change.

The scale doesn't matter. What matters is your awareness of what needs adjusting, and your willingness to own it and move forward positively.

When I said you have the courage and capability to do whatever is needed, I really meant it.

When you were born, your soul arrived imbued with EVERYTHING you need to fulfill your purpose – to move in alignment with your passions, inspirations and intuition, to honor that small, still voice within.

When you were created, no mistake was made! There’s absolutely NOTHING you're missing.

The only thing that holds you back is a limiting paradigm – a mind conditioned over time, that wants to interrupt your soul flow.

One thing about your mind… you have to provide loving leadership to it. You have to own it and guide it out of the warped, limiting paradigm and into freedom. Otherwise it will own you!

With love,


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3 Life Changing Realizations

These 3 insights can (if you're willing) have a profound impact in your life...

There are 3 profound realizations that dramatically changed my life for the better. And I’ve seen how true and powerful these are for other people too, from over a decade of coaching and leading programs. I believe these 3 things are so CRUCIAL to any human being having a peaceful, purposeful and magical life that I make sure to share these insights with anyone new who connects with me. These insights can (if you’re willing) have the same positive impact in your life as they did in mine, and in so many other people’s lives.
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  1. Waw..amazing.

    You’ve nailed it perfectly.

    The way you differentiate between our True self (soul) and False self (mind – paradigm) was beautiful.

    I feel each word is just written for me. As if, my higher self is talking with me. All time, we are caught up in our mind and ego’s tricks, it’s conditioning, and pattern, and forgot- why we are here, and what’s our true purpose.

    Our prime goal in life was always to be HAPPY but the mind’s clutter makes it ambiguous.

    You show an honest way to get out of this mental rut.

    Thank you.

  2. Again you nailed it. So Good, so Inspirational, so feel right. I sure wish I understood this 50 years ago but so glad I have it now. You have changed My Life.

    Your Heaven, B.

    Thanks for all your thoughts.


    1. Such a pleasure to share this with you Ron. Thank you for being here in our community!

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