Do you want your employees to be more:

Confident. Productive. Effective in communication and relationships. Self-motivated. Vision and values aligned. Resilient. Self-aware and emotionally intelligent. Highly functioningClear and decisive. Target driven. Present and attentive. Open minded and agile. Team oriented. Customer focused. Engaged. Happy. Proactive. Committed. 

And yet your employees face:

Stress. High workload. Change and uncertainty. Hurdles/challenges. Interpersonal issues. Being outside their comfort zone. Mindset limitations they are unaware of. Challenging relationship and communication dynamics.  Being tested by new goals/roles. Workplace politics. Unrealised development potential. Lack of “space” to stand back and find a better way forward. 

So how do you set them up for success?

To set someone up for success, you need to be clear on three things.

  1. The outcomes you want from them 
  2. What might prevent them from achieving that
  3. A solution to bridge the gap

All the outcomes you want from your employees, they also want for themselves. They want to be high performing, to reach their full potential and to feel successful. Everybody does.

What might prevent them from achieving that is themselves.

Irrespective of the array of challenges they face in the workplace, when it all boils down to it, every person holds the key to their own limitation and their own liberation within their own mindset.

Mindset is everything. Mindset is the key to overcoming all the above-mentioned challenges that employees face, to allow them to fly higher in all the areas you want. Mindset is what sets high performers apart from others. Mindset sits behind the results an individual creates (what is directly within their own control) and mindset sits behind how an individual interprets and responds to the world around them (including things they cannot control).

Some people have powerful mindsets that serve them, and often they have consciously honed their mind to that effect. It does not happen by mistake. It is very intentional.

Others do not have powerful mindsets. In fact, most people have blocks in their mindset, which handbrake their potential and cause unnecessary issues. It doesn’t have to be that way.

A mindset is just the result of the way a person has been conditioned over their lifetime. From the day a person is born their mind observes the world around them, taking on-board information, interactions, conversations and outcomes, doing their best to process and make sense of everything. Their mind is shaped by their family upbringing, their teachers and education, what they are exposed to and the experiences they have socially, in relationships and at work. Their mind is conditioned by culture and society, advertising, news media, social media and more. All of this conditions and embeds what they believe to be true about themselves, other people and life, their desires, their fears and their expectations. Without realising it, their mind is always busy making sense of all of this, to formulate the best way to navigate the complexities of life and work, in order to be “good and successful”, and very importantly… to avoid “pain”. As the mindset forms through this process over time, some aspects of that mindset may end up being useful and liberating, but other aspects are limiting.

This mindset becomes their model of reality. They don’t see themselves, others and life necessarily as they truly are, but rather through the “lens” of their conditioned mind. As they go about their life and work, they perceive and interpret everything according to their mindset, which then drives their arising thoughts, feelings, choices, behaviour, communication and action, and therefore produces the results of their life and work.

Every employee issue mentioned above, from high stress to relationship issues, from poor communication to untapped productivity and performance, all stems from blocked mindsets. People become stuck in their conditioning, and like a scratched CD they keep replaying the same behavior, patterns and results on a loop until something or someone comes along to bump them out of it – to introduce a whole new mindset which supports their personal and professional development, and a higher level of performance…

How I Help Your Business

I show people what is holding them back and how to fix it. 

I am recognised for the speed at which I pinpoint and address the root cause of people issues, and provide targeted, practical solutions to change those, to drive better results.

Mindsets are created. And they can be RE-created. While someone might be living and working from an unconsciously formulated mindset which contains limitations, I show them how to take back their personal and professional power to consciously formulate a whole new mindset that liberates them – a Breakout Mindset.

As a Transformation Coach, guiding people in mindset mastery and improved choices, behavior and actions, the areas where I effect the greatest change for people are:

  • Self-awareness and emotional intelligence
  • Confidence
  • Effective communication
  • Decision making
  • Negotiation
  • Networking, relationship building and ongoing relationship management
  • Vision and values clarity, and alignment
  • Action planning, execution and follow through
  • Productivity, efficiency, prioritisation and time management
  • Solutions oriented approach to issues
  • Troubleshooting, conflict and crisis management
  • Navigating change, uncertainty and fear
  • Stress reduction, resilience, balance and wellbeing
  • Fostering motivation, determination, inspiration and commitment

Once you show people that greater success is within their control right now, you awaken something within them. They begin to see the costs of their conditioning and the benefits of a shift. A shift within them to a Breakout Mindset fuels their success, and their success becomes your business success. I help progressive businesses to evolve employees beyond their limits, into Breakout Mindsets, through:


Private 1:1 Transformation Coaching for leaders, managers or employees, via Skype video. Addressing their unique conditioning, providing practical tools they can apply in the workplace in the face of their specific challenges, personally guiding them into a Breakout Mindset to drive better choices, behavior and action. 


Consulting to leaders and managers on specific people issues they are facing in their team/division – with speciality in people performance issues, troubleshooting and crisis management. Providing objective insight, guidance, a sounding board and practical solutions. Particularly powerful for navigating change, relationship and communication challenges.


Speeches for events and conferences, tailored to your theme and customised to hit the mark for your specific audience demographic. Whether you want people inspired and motivated, woken up and cages rattled, new perspectives offered or practical tools provided – I deliver based upon a briefing from you.


Customised workshops for target groups (e.g leaders, managers, employees in different business units) to relate Breakout Mindsets to the unique challenges of their particular position type, offering fresh perspectives and tools to elevate themselves personally and professionally. Live online webinars or in-person.

Flexible Solutions

This is not about boxed products or pre-defined messages that I roll out and layer onto your business. Rather, I provide flexible and tailored solutions in response to your unique employee and business needs. All content is targeted based on the detailed briefing I take from you prior to delivery.


I work across various countries, via Skype video meetings, webinars, phone, email and also attending in-person for workshops, projects or extended engagements. Through the years working with people on their personal and professional development, I have reached clients across Australasia, USA, Canada, Europe and the UK. 

How an Employee Benefits from a  Breakout Mindset

  • Improved self-awareness and emotional intelligence
  • Greater confidence and resilience
  • Bigger picture understanding
  • Genuine motivation, positivity and commitment
  • Elevated communication and interpersonal skills
  • Stronger capability for dealing with change and stress
  • Solutions oriented approach to problems
  • Enhanced decision making
  • Increased productivity and performance
  • Greater work-life enjoyment through flying at their full potential

How Your Business Benefits from Breakout Mindsets

  • Improved teamwork and relationships
  • Better communication and integrity in the business
  • More innovative, visionary and solutions oriented thinking
  • Quicker and more effective management of issues
  • Lower stress in the workforce
  • Higher energy and drive
  • Increased employee engagement
  • Improved efficiency and productivity
  • Fully harnessed potential in your people, creating breakout performance
  • Better service and delivery to your customers/market


Client Testimonials

Working with Bernadette has been amazing. She has helped me shift my perspective in a way that has enabled me to become aware of, and untether from, ways of thinking that hold me back. It has been an absolutely liberating process. With respect to her style of coaching, Bernadette aligns her approach to my ‘left brain-ness’, while also helping me to explore my intuitive side as well. Her support spans corporate, career, relationships, self… head and heart. I’m so grateful to have met her and highly recommend her coaching services. (Client Feedback – Coaching)

As a result of our coaching sessions I have been feeling a big relief from the stress of the past and am experiencing some real inner peace as a result of finally coming to the conclusion that it is okay to be myself and that real joy in life can be found by fully expressing myself. I am glad that you have been able to show me that I can be courageous and be vulnerable, that real transformation is on the other side of that equation if I allow myself to be fully me – my genuine and authentic self. I have recently reached out to a few old friends that know me well and several of them have expressed how much more relaxed and happy I seem to them. They are able to clearly see the results of my newer improved version of myself. I have found myself in a few recent business meetings be fully self-expressed, completely calm, confident and speaking clearly and effectively. I am also seeing where I am connecting with others on a deeper level, primarily with those that are naturally aware, where the dialogue seems to flow so much more naturally than the forced and ill-conceived conversations of the past. I also see where my problem solving abilities are beginning to gain greater strength, as I seem to think through challenges more clearly than in the past. My greater clarity is helping me to make better decisions at work and in my personal life as well. I see now that I have the practical tools needed, along with a good foundation of knowledge and to assist me to continue to grow. I want to use this new-found discovery of self as a springboard into new and exciting realities. I am feeling so grateful right now for what we have accomplished to date and am looking forward to bravely venturing into new and unknown territories for me. It is all really very exciting! (Client Feedback – Coaching)

Bernadette is a real livewire, full of energy, ideas and inspiration, and her infectious style of delivery enthralled her audience. The Twitter stream during her talk was abuzz with positivity and feedback post-conference was also superb. If you ever need to perk up a dead-eyed audience, put Bernadette in front of them to put the twinkle back. (Convenor Feedback, Conference Presentation)

She has led me to make some big transformations on both a personal and professional level. B is very intelligent, acutely perceptive and will quickly guide the session to hone in on what is really important, and will then intuitively provide guidance and a new perspective that will blow you away! Implementing her action plan for me has started a transformation in me that has been nothing short of spectacular! I would highly recommend booking a session with Bernadette; she will exceed your expectations tenfold. (Client Feedback – Coaching)

It’s how you work not how much you work… You have to nail this like a sniper! Thought provoking. (Audience Feedback – Conference Presentation)

I absolutely love what Bernadette does in her work, I love the way she approaches every session, with ease and professionalism. She nailed everything that I wanted and more. I’ve had two other coaches throughout the years and neither have come close to helping me get my act together like B helped. I have especially loved the beliefs work we did. ‘Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t, you’re right.’ ― Henry Ford (Client Feedback – Coaching)

I found Bernadette to be so insightful. Her ability to think on her feet and get to the heart of the matter was astonishing. She is a skilled listener, was prepared for our call and offered useful follow-up notes. I found her feedback and suggestions very useful and action-oriented, which was right on target with my wish for the call. I am looking forward to working with Bernadette more in the future. (Client Feedback – Coaching)

If it hadn’t been for Bernadette I would have probably lost all self-esteem and confidence. Through her I have been able to develop something better, a type of quiet confidence and knowing of who I am. I can’t really explain it… I suppose it was as though she had guided me through the fog so that I can see beyond the few miles of those low lying pesky clouds that prevent good visibility of what lies ahead. I am honored to have her as my coach. (Client Feedback – Coaching)

I have turned to her for her wise counsel at times when life presents hurdles or crossroads. No matter which hat she wears, B has an amazing gift of being able to connect, inspire, coach, stretch, and guide towards being a better version of myself. Some messages about oneself are not easy to hear, but when B feeds back or reflects to you her perspective of things, you feel privileged that she is sharing her gift with you and it’s an easier message to hear. I’ve also found her to be very practical. Her insights and guidance are easily acted upon and I still practice a lot of what she has taught me about living in the moment, and how to eat an elephant. For anyone wanting guidance, support, leadership coaching or a fresh perspective in either ones personal or professional life, Bernadette has an ability to add real value to your decision making and journey. (Client Feedback – Coaching)

It was such a pleasure having a session with Bernadette. I got so much out of our first session. Bernadette sees and understands what is at the centre of the tornado that is my destructive patterns. She is vibrant, resourceful, and supportive. I was able to walk away from our first session confident, clear and motivated – knowing that working with her means connecting to my true self and seeing results. (Client Feedback – Coaching)

I’m so thankful for my sessions with Bernadette because she really helped me get a big-picture perspective on what was going on in my life, so I was able to target the specific things I needed to focus on, and help unravel the false beliefs and fears that were holding me back. Bernadette helped me to see and understand what life was asking of me so I could truly grow in the ways I needed to in order to move forward with clarity. My sessions with her were extremely helpful in unpacking all of my confused thoughts and emotions, and getting to the heart of the issue, and from there, coming up with a practical plan that would help meet my needs and get me to where I wanted to go. (Client Feedback – Coaching)

I have worked with Bernadette for many years and have watched her coaching ability develop into a real strength. Bernadette has the rare ability to quickly and clearly identify an individual’s areas for development and then to put a structured support system into place to provide the coaching required. She works with individuals by communicating openly and directly, which enables her to build trust and respect, allowing her to be very effective in a coaching role. Most importantly , she gets results. I have personally seen her effect huge personal and skill growth in the individuals that she has worked with, many of whom have progressed significantly both personally and in a work environment as a result. I would strongly recommend Bernadette in this field of expertise. (Client Feedback – Coaching)

I developed panic attacks and was unable to determine not only my next step in life, but even my next day, my next hour were becoming impossible. I am in the health field and I know what a good healthy lifestyle looks like. I eat right, exercise but it was not enough. I was not sleeping and had daily panic attacks. I found jobs that I thought I would enjoy and were promotions in my career, but would develop terror as I began them. I sought counselling, medications, yoga and meditations. Then I found Bernadette. She has saved my life. I initially found her YouTube channel and started listening to her meditations and affirmations. After leaving a couple of jobs that were not working for me, I applied for the ‘ideal’ career position (really a reach) and received a 2nd interview. The interview was an 8 hour day, meeting with about 15 different members of the staff. It was an hour drive, in flooding rain, to the interview. I spent the hour listening to Bernadette’s 300 Power Affirmations for Career & Professional Success. I closed my eyes, disregarded the rain, traffic and impending interview and when I arrived, I was as calm and as prepared I could have ever been. Needless to say, I kicked butt in the interview and was offered the position! That day made me a firm believer in Bernadette. I attribute my success that day to her. I have since become a client of B’s for coaching and look forward to my sessions with her. I listen daily to her audios. Thank you Bernadette for helping me get my life in perspective and make each day a positive experience. (Client Feedback – Coaching)

Bernadette is an enthusiastic coach and trainer. She provides a safe, fun and encouraging learning environment where there are no ‘dumb questions’. B tailors her communication style to her audience, working effectively with individuals as well as groups. I personally have found B to be a passionate, supportive and inspiring mentor and am pleased to recommend her. (Client Feedback – Coaching)

I had been feeling like I could use the services of a coach when Bernadette’s invitation to a personal coaching session arrived in my inbox. Normally, this is not the type of thing I would sign up to do remotely, but from the moment I first came across her audios online, something about her really connected with me, so I jumped at the opportunity to have a coaching session with her. She asked me a series of questions prior to our session and I emailed her my responses. During our session, she addressed the major issues I had written to her about and provided solid insight and alternative perspectives at looking at things. I appreciated that she had taken the time to formulate responses to my particular issues and was able to provide useful and specific advice for my situations. She is respectful and non-judgemental in her approach – a truly gifted teacher and coach. (Client Feedback – Coaching)

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